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  1. Tim/Robin

    New Spider Tortoise ID

    Beautiful animal. It’s hard to tell if it has a hinge on plastron but appears to. It looks like a P a a female to me. Having raised them for a decade, I’m fairly confident on female Paa. Congrats on an amazing animal. Care for her well!
  2. Tim/Robin

    Baby pancake

    I have this well started hatchling. These are a fun small tortoise to keep. Asking $365 shipped. Email [email protected].
  3. Tim/Robin

    CB golden greeks

    I have 3 well started golden greek hatchlings. They have a great contrasting yellow/orange brown appearance. They are eating well. They are $135/ea plus shipping. Email me at [email protected] if interested. I have individual pictures as well.
  4. Tim/Robin

    CB Zagros Mt greeks

    I have two 4+ month old Zagros Mt greek juveniles. Both are chow hounds and rock solid. They are $110/ea plus shipping. Email [email protected] if interested. I have a photo of the other one too, ask.
  5. Tim/Robin

    Pancake tortoise night temps

    We have been keeping and producing pancakes for years. Ours get down to 68-70 at night during the winter months. They tolerate it just fine.
  6. Tim/Robin

    Golden Greek

    I have two very amazing orange colored Golden Greek hatchlings. I'm asking $160/ea plus shipping for them. One is ready now the other one needs a few more weeks. I also have 2 normal yellow golden Greek babies that will be ready in a few weeks. They are $145/ea plus shipping. Email...
  7. Tim/Robin

    Dalmatian Hermanns hatchlings

    I have 3 well started Dalmatian Hermanns ready to go. They are $125/ea plus shipping, which is running around $50. I have photos of all three. Email [email protected] if interested. I'm shipping tomorrow 8/17.
  8. Tim/Robin

    CB Pancake hatchlings

    I have two nice pancake hatchlings available. They are over 2 months old and doing very well. I am asking $225/ea plus shipping, which runs $50-60. Email me at [email protected].
  9. Tim/Robin

    Handmade earrings

    So what started as a summer hobby for me and my younger daughter has turned in to a family fun project. The girls are gaining an understatement of high costs of college and so have decided to sell these earrings and use the money for tuition. Everything is hand made. We collected the branches...
  10. Tim/Robin

    CB Caspian Greek

    We have one very nice Caspian Greek, T g buxtoni. She/he is off to a very good start. They are very fun to keep and stay small for greeks. We are asking $115 plus shipping for this one. Email is the best way to contact me, [email protected].
  11. Tim/Robin

    CB Dalmatian Hermanns

    We have a few very nice Dalmatian Hermanns. They are off to a great start and are chow hounds!! They are very fun to keep. They are $125/ea plus shipping. Email is the best way to contact me, [email protected].
  12. Tim/Robin

    2014 cb T marginata

    We have a few 6+ month old, very well started marginateds. They are growing very nicely and are past that fragile hatchling stage. I am asking $100/ea plus shipping. Email is the best way to contact me, [email protected].
  13. Tim/Robin

    Huge accomplishment!

    Thanks Ralph!! And everyone!
  14. Tim/Robin

    Huge accomplishment!

    Without a doubt, the rarest. They are impossible to find.
  15. Tim/Robin

    Huge accomplishment!

    This has been many years in the making. We welcomed, quite possibly the first in the US, a 100% F2 Pyxis arachnoides oblonga in to our care. She is a tiny little gem. Additionally, this is the first year we have hatched all three of the Pyxis arachnoides group, arachnoides, brygooi, and...
  16. Tim/Robin

    Viable Egg??

    Doesn't look fertile to me. Veins are usually very obvious. Here is a very typical fertile egg.
  17. Tim/Robin

    WC FL Elongated - just a moment ago...

    Very cool indeed. Congrats!!
  18. Tim/Robin

    risks of hibernation

    It is absolutely not necessary and there is very little room for error. In my opinion, the risks do not out weigh the benefit. What is the benefit?