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  1. jpdhld

    Help Cut on neck

  2. jpdhld

    Help Cut on neck

    Last night we noticed Jewel has a cut the top of her neck we can only see it when she stretches he neck all the way's does not look to bad right now but I am worried about it getting infected...i don't know what caused it either if she could of hit it on her shell. ...any thoughts on...
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    I gave my redfoot jewel her soak today and then put her back in her habitat with fresh food and she walked around till she came to a corner and it looked like she was trying to get out she has never done this be for .... She also tipped her self on back to day which she has never done
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    Is red cedar bedding ok for jewel?
  5. jpdhld

    Baby Redfoot question

    U got my rf in January and was worried about the same thing! All she did was sleep and only eat when I placed her at her food. She did not perk up till about the end of April, then she started exploring her home and coming out for food, now most days she lets me know when she wants food lol :)...
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    Are u suppose to clip tortoise toe nails? Jewels are getting long and sharp...
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    My New Adult Redfoot is as Light as a Feather

    My girl would not touch greens either when I first got her! Well really she would not eat or drink for the first 4 months unless I put her directly on her food then she would only eat a small amount climb off and sleep for ever! Many people reassured me to keep doing what I was doing, keep her...
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    Thanks everyone! I have my work cut out for me before winter! But I am determined to have a happy tortoise all winter long! In January when we brought jewel home all she did was sleep and I was constantly worried about her, know that she is active I really want to keep her like that so thank you...
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    My jewel!

    Thanks! I'll have to try that and see what she thinks of tuna. I can't believe how finicky she can be :)
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    I am wanting to change jewels habitat, I want to be able to plant some flowers for her to eat.... And with winter coming I need something that helps old humidity, any suggestions?
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    Finally got a couple redfoots!

    Nice I also have a redfoot she is great! She has such a crazy personality! Watch out your going to spoil your torts ;) there are something's my jewel will just not eat! Picky just like the kids lol! And she wants to eat when we eat! She smells out food! As to how often we feed her I give her...
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    Breeding help!

    For some reason I can't open my other forum that I started with my breeding question!!!! I can't see any of the information from anyone! 😥
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    Breeding my redfoot

    I am wondering about getting a male and and try breeding the tortoises.... What age is good for breeding? How often to they lay eggs? How many at a time? Is there any good forums on breeding? Any info will be great! 😉
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    My jewel!

    It has been a while since I've been on here! Jewel has been with us since January and we have had a great time getting to know her! When we first got here I was on here worried that she was not getting up and eating.... Boy has that changed! Lol she loves to eat! And the silly tortious thinks...
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    Redfoot behavior

    Well we have had jewel for all most 2 weeks and I am wondering if she is eating and drinking enough.... She does not seek out her own food or water she usually sleeping in her habitat, she will eat 2 spinach lefts after a soak and she drinks when she soaks... Also drinks in the am when I get her...
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    Thanks everyone
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    Her is my girl Jewel! I am new to all of this and any pointers I can get would be great! We have had Jewel for 5 days! I think she is doing good, she will only eat or drink when we put her by or On her food or water, we are doing a daily soak and they I try to get her to eat! Is soaking daily...
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    [split] new to the forum with redfoot question

    yeepie I did it pictures are on!
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    [split] new to the forum with redfoot question

    well she is still alive :P so that is good!
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    [split] new to the forum with redfoot question

    lets see if I did this right and her picture is there! By the way her name is Jewel! My 6 years old son named her!