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  1. turtlelady80

    Hypomelanistic Redfoot Tortoise Holdback

    This Hypomelanistic is one of my personal holdbacks that I am offering to the public. I am selling this tortoise as "unsexed" as it is too soon to tell. She/he is at the 5.5in mark and is thriving. Gorgeous markings making it an "Extreme" Brazilian specimen that can pass down these markings to...
  2. turtlelady80

    What are sizes that are compatible with breeding for Indian Stars?

    It may be that the smaller male is 'practicing'. I would also guess your larger male mounting your 1350g female is how she became gravid. As for the 5-6in females, they have about another year (at the very least) or two before hitting sexual maturity.
  3. turtlelady80

    Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot

    Email me at [email protected] if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. turtlelady80

    Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot

    I have a true Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoot that I am looking to place into a great home. This little Cherry has had 110% love and passion that went into raising her. Trips outside on sunny days in a beautiful outdoor set up, me up late night worm catching, outside cutting clover and dandelion...
  5. turtlelady80

    Ivory sulcata tortoise

    Hi all:) I have decided to rehome my 6 inch Ivory, Richard Fife line. I have a few different projects going on and just don't have any reason to keep her at the moment. Other than her being awesome!;) I have had her since she was a baby. Growing smooth, raised humid. Feeding on a high fiber...
  6. turtlelady80

    Ever seen this?

    Question: Is she laying inside or outside? I ask because I like the sandy substrate your using... I'd like to find a nesting substrate (for inside) like that that DOESN'T MOLD
  7. turtlelady80

    No veins in Russian tortoise egg

    Was it the only egg that was laid? Did the female bury it or just drop it? Was this his her first egg deposit? Pics of the egg being candeled would help:)
  8. turtlelady80

    Dead tortoise or not?

    I have never heard of this!! Wow!! Thank you for the heads up!
  9. turtlelady80

    Another obsevation of Butt wiggling and why?

    I have a few males that love butt one biggest male Herman Munster LOVES IT. When I go out in the morning and sit, he comes over to me and sits on my foot until I give him his daily butt scratch lol. It must feel good or something. Its adorable...
  10. turtlelady80

    Incubation success through failure

    I noticed you said you have it in soil. Fine for now but I'd switch it out with vermiculite as soon as you can get some (you can get this at home depot). Soil can become moldy and you don't want that to transfer onto the egg.
  11. turtlelady80

    Incubation success through failure

    You got yourself a viable egg there:) I've never NOT incubated my eggs BUT sounds like whatever you got going on there has worked lol. I would keep it moist. Maybe set up your incubator to the same temp the room is. Then day by day slowly bring it up a degree until you reach 84-85 degrees...
  12. turtlelady80

    Large leopard tortoise poop

    Looks like some nice grassy poop:) Better than dog poop I say I have BOTH to clean up. Prefer tortoise over dog poop any day! Yuuuuuck
  13. turtlelady80

    head twitching [russian tortoise]

    My yellowfoot females do that. Originally I thought it was a nesting tick. But I see it more and more when their just laying around too. Totally normal:)
  14. turtlelady80

    Sparkly eggs

    Smooth and shiny, yes. Sparkly and chalked over, no lol. Had to of been laid 30+ days ago is my guess...4 lookin good!!:) Good luck!!
  15. turtlelady80

    Help is my egg ok?

    Hmmmmm...looks like a bad egg to me. With the cracks in it like that, you should be able to smell a bad odor if it is indeed bad. Take a wif, if it smells throw it out. Also look for mold on or around the cracks. If you find mold, its most likely bad. It looks like it might have gotten too...
  16. turtlelady80

    I killed 1 of my babies

    Yikes...these things happen. Not a guarantee that it would have hatched out. Don't beat yourself up. I'm sorry that that happened:(
  17. turtlelady80

    DYN~O~MITE #2 What a LQQKER

    One more time.......(with more emphasis)...JESUS!!
  18. turtlelady80

    DYN~O~MITE #2 What a LQQKER

  19. turtlelady80

    New turtle, not sure what I'm looking at.

    I would set up an outdoor enclosure for him/her. A nice big one:) with lots of plants, shade, hides, soaking tub etc...give her/him the feel of "the wild" once again;)