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  1. mchong9606

    My tortoise keeps climbing the walls whole day

    If he can see through the "wall" then he'll keep trying to climb over it. Put up a solid barrier (card board will do) so he can't see through. Provide shade and water too.
  2. mchong9606

    New keeper problem....

    Do the strained carrot food for babies soak, as mentioned above. And I'd say for sure your temperatures are not warm enough, especially now since they are not feeling well. Try to raise the temperature to 90 to 95 degrees F and no lower than 80 F at night.
  3. mchong9606

    My Indian stars

    It's been awhile since I've posted, but indeed 2 females and a male. A perfect trio.
  4. mchong9606

    lots of pictures of my gang.

    So cool to see the big ones!
  5. mchong9606

    1 or 2 brown/black? and other newbie questions...

    You definitely got some big fellas there, congrats!
  6. mchong9606

    Outdoor living

    I was thinking the same thing. 15 lbs at 2.5 years! I need to see more picks of this cute monster!
  7. mchong9606

    Ready or not, here I come!

    Big or small we love them all! Congrats, really beautiful creatures!
  8. mchong9606

    I have questions about my tortoises habbits

    Just to add to the great post about deep shade you'll find that when torts want shade they will always favor shade under a plant or bush, rarely under a board or something similar. My feeling is they want that little micro climate that just feels better to them when they hide under and push up...
  9. mchong9606

    What kind of tortoise do I have?

    He is the biggest leopard boys I've seen here. Poor guy he's been through so much.
  10. mchong9606

    We found him!!

    Wow crazy journey! Glad he's back home.
  11. mchong9606

    MEP update!

    Talk about crazy eyes! They are very personable torts.
  12. mchong9606

    New Platynota group

    Great looking group!
  13. mchong9606

    Keeping Star Tortoises outside in South Florida

    I have just 1 star but he has been keep in a humid closed chamber for the last 3 years and the shell is fairly smooth and he feels like a heavy paper weight when you pick him up. Never had shell rot and never had a respiratory infection. Which leads me to believe that indeed stars enjoy and...
  14. mchong9606

    She really enjoys the attention.

    Thanks for the video and pics. It's great!
  15. mchong9606

    ID this wild tort....

    Any guesses how large this leopard is? He's a looker!
  16. mchong9606

    New female Leopard

    Love her color!
  17. mchong9606

    Newbie question

    Crickets and mealworms are not part of their routine diet so return it. Pesticide free weeds and grasses is their basic diet requirements. Variety is key as well, but there's no need for what you have.
  18. mchong9606

    "Elder" & friends.

    He's really great looking.