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  1. Arial

    Listing Harmful Redfoot Foods

    I read a few stories about red foots getting diarrhea after being fed egg. Also I read to avoid or limit foods high in purine, a chemical compound found in protein, and organs have high purine. So for those items I suppose it's important to limit them, but maybe not eliminate them. I know red...
  2. Arial

    Listing Harmful Redfoot Foods

    I've been compiling a list of foods that are bad for red foots. Can anyone add to this list? Is there anything that should be taken off the list? I don't want to give my tort anything harmful. But I want excellent variety. Thanks for the help! No no foods for red footed tort: Bok choy Beet...
  3. Arial

    Bad Foods for Red Foots?

    Could anyone please tell me what fruits and vegetables red foots absolutely can not have? I want to give good variety, but I don't want to mix in anything harmful. Thanks for the help!
  4. Arial

    Books about Red Foots

    I would like to get some books to learn more about my new red footed tortoise. Does anyone know of any good books on red footed tortoises that they would recommend?
  5. Arial

    Determining the sex of the baby red foot?

    Hello :) I recently got a red foot tortoise and I am having trouble deciphering if it is a girl or a boy. Could anyone help me figure out if this little tort is a male or female? Thanks so much!
  6. Arial

    Tiki and Penny

    There toes are so cute! Lovely torts :)
  7. Arial

    Birthday Red footed Tortoise <3

    Thank you for all of the advice and support! At first I was worried about the split scute until I learned more about it, now I love that it's unique! We have a lid for the enclosure, but the humidity thermometer says we are in a good range without it, so could i wait until the weather changes to...
  8. Arial

    Birthday Red footed Tortoise <3

    We also got 2 different lamps, one for vitamins and one for heat. We also got some calcium powder for his veggies but I am still reading to learn more about the proper amounts to supplement.
  9. Arial

    Birthday Red footed Tortoise <3

    This is his home for now. We are still building some wooden huts for him to hide in and are going to experiment with what size it likes best. The temp in his room is between 80-90 and tropically humid according to our thermometers; it is very hot and humid here in Virginia. I haven't determined...
  10. Arial

    Birthday Red footed Tortoise <3

    Hello! I just got a baby red footed tortoise for my birthday and I love it already! It is my first reptile and I am excited to learn everything there is to know about it. Thank you all for the advice and support! I'm looking forward to becoming a part of the tortoise community :)!