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  1. harris


    Waylon Jennings............. For life.
  2. harris

    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    They've been with me for about 10 months now. They're really starting to show their growth now, and man oh man are they boisterous little fellows. Definitely one of the most personable Cuora I've been blessed to work with. I have another 2 that will be arriving in the summer. tt
  3. harris

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    It's been awhile. Harris in now 28 mos old.... i
  4. harris


    Always lurking. Always anticipating the next meal. They can bite a small mouse cleanly in half with those insanely powerful jaws on that massive head.
  5. harris

    What is your favorite filter?

    I swear by Fluval's FX series for anything over 40 gallons.......
  6. harris


    In North America, their climbing abilities are only rivaled by the NA Wood. But no species rivals the Chinese Bighead!
  7. harris

    Black Breasted Leaf Turtle

    Terrestrial. Supply a clay plant saucer in the enclosure for water. They will self soak in it. And keep the humidity high. They will succumb if not. You want the enclosure a mix of sphagnum moss, dead leaves, peat and LOTS of cover for them.....
  8. harris

    New wheelz.......

    2020 Ford Raptor. They weren't lying when they said it goes 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds......
  9. harris

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    May your Coronas be full and your turkeys be heavy. Cheers to all
  10. harris

    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    Nuthin to see here, folks. Just your typical extinct species soaking up some rays.
  11. harris


    Well here’s a very first for me. I’ve never before seen a nocturnal big head basking under the uv during daytime hrs. She was peacefully napping away. I guess that’s what a belly full of pinkies can do to a girl.
  12. harris


    This is big head # 3. He arrived around 5 weeks ago, a little underweight and a little worse for wear, but otherwise in perfect health. He's adapted well and is doing excellent! We're a couple years off yet, but I'm saying he's a "he", because I can just tell by his behavior. t
  13. harris


    Sorry, William. Just now seeing this. Stay AWAY from the one’s that you see for that price. It would either be a scam or an illegal import. About the lowest you will find is around $1750 for a ‘19 HATCHLING. They’re out there, but very, very few private breeders outside of zoos. If you’re still...
  14. harris

    Controlling mosquitos in outside turtle tubs?

    52 yrs old and I still learn something new every day. I was taught that mosquitos can only deposit eggs in still, standing water. I’ve always put a simple air stone or just the end of the air hose in the water of my outdoor ponds. Thus, keeping the top of the water moving, even slightly. One...
  15. harris

    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    It’s been 6 weeks since they arrived and have settled in perfectly. They no longer retract their heads when I enter their room (gee, I wonder why ). I have two more (unrelated) coming in the near future, which will bring me to 0.0.4. This only helps the chances of male vs female.
  16. harris

    Winter Enclosure

    I love it. Nice and basic. I never throw away any plywood, bricks, blocks or wood because I’ll always have a use for them down the road. They’ll be fine in there this year. But next year........ Personally, the only thing I’d do different is use a larger diameter plant saucer.
  17. harris


    Oh no, exactly the opposite. They spend their lives inhabiting fast flowing brooks and streams. They spend much of their time in the small pools that gather. But when it's time to go on the move again, they travel UPSTREAM. Their tails are used as stabilizers as their gripping the rocks and...
  18. harris


    Yes, but not this year. As they grow towards maturity I will be.....
  19. harris


    That’s a given, man. Hold your breath and hope they end up being 3 males or 3 females. If that’s the case, one of them will be headed to the Golden State
  20. harris


    It’s been 5 months since these two little beasts arrived. They have doubled their size. Their appetite is relentless. They remind of a pelican, to which ANYTHING they can fit in the jaws on those massive heads, they will swallow it. They will eat until they have a worm or pinky tail hanging out...