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  1. Sue Ann

    Tortoise was upside down in water

    I had a half log for Dexter and he 🥰 it but Dexter is 4 1/2 yrs old now and is a Sulcata. Now 37 pounds! But before he got that big he was in a 55 gal aquarium inside. He threw a tantrum when I removed it and would try to shove himself inside. I even built up the sides to make it 4 inches taller...
  2. Sue Ann

    Is he being chewed?

    Yes being chewed. This is painful and can lead to infection. Separate them, NOW!
  3. Sue Ann

    Can my Sulcata eat this flower?

    Hibiscus 🌺 they are like crack for Sulcata! I keep 3 bushes going at all times.
  4. Sue Ann

    Substrate built up into my tortoises leg cavity

    You have not been soaking your tort enough if this is happening. What are you using?Please check the care sheet . Glad you caught it.
  5. Sue Ann

    Tortoise nightmare?

    My Sully is 3 yrs old and 38 pounds. That chart is wrong.
  6. Sue Ann

    I think he’s dying.

    Poor guy, looks in pain. Glad you moved him inside. Keep him Very warm.
  7. Sue Ann

    Miniature Sulcata?

    You cannot raise 2 torts together. The large one bullies the smaller one and takes the food. Please read Sulcata care sheets. You are lucky he is still alive.
  8. Sue Ann

    Is this normal for a 3 toe box turtle?

    Congratulations to your positive attitude! Many people have come here for help and then become defensive when told what needs to be done to help their tort to lead a healthy life. I’m very inspired by your willingness to adjust to the positive suggestions given to you. Welcome to the Forum!
  9. Sue Ann

    Tortoise nightmare?

    I’m so sorry you have been given bad information. Your torts look in need of immediate help. MBD is painful and fatal. These are not healthy torts. At 2 yrs old they should be at least 20 pounds each with full rounded shells. Listen to Tom and Yvonne they have been doing this for a long...
  10. Sue Ann


    I use an oil radiator. It works great and is cheap to run. I bought the smaller one for under $30
  11. Sue Ann


    So sorry 😢 accidents happen in a second. Is it painful?
  12. Sue Ann

    Suggestions for adding humidity to outdoor enclosure

    How deep is it? Is the bottom just dirt? What’s growing in it? I want to build one for Dexter this summer, he is 35 pounds and we are in South Carolina. Hot summers!! It looks like a great pond, I’d really like to pick your brain for details. Thanks Maggie
  13. Sue Ann

    Sulcata size

    That’s a baby, not a year old tortoise. Very pretty
  14. Sue Ann

    Sulcata size.

    Please stop posting incorrect information. Fruit is NOT acceptable! I noticed you are a new member, please defer to correct information in the groups care files. You please do YOUR research. Read our care sheets.
  15. Sue Ann

    Andromeda (now Marco) the Aldabra Tortoise

    He looks big and beautiful! Love all your plants in his space. Wonder if I can add more plants to Dexter my Sulcata space?
  16. Sue Ann

    Sucata's sleeping Habits

    He is gorgeous! Beautiful shell
  17. Sue Ann

    Sulcata Night Box And Great Way To Monitor Temp & Humidity

    Order the 8 in plastic strips, cut them in half to create 4 in strips. There are enough holes to create a 1 in overlap. I love mine
  18. Sue Ann

    Sulcata Night Box And Great Way To Monitor Temp & Humidity

    I have InkBird now and am really happy with it