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  1. JeffR

    Talk me out of this (or into it!)

    This semi-pondless water feature has been up for a few weeks and does not seem to be a problem . With an autofill feature and stronger pump and a larger reservoir made with plastic pallets. It is only an about 6 inches deep at deepest and has a buried barrel filter on top. The pen has 9...
  2. JeffR

    Teramycin Powder

    Cefalosporims and penicillins all work on the bacteria’s cell wall. Mycoplasma does not have a cell wall. Fortaz is a beast of an antibiotic and covers most bacteria just not mycoplasma.
  3. JeffR

    Swim test

    100% access is the tricky part Was thinking of framing it with 2x4’s screwed through the metal from inside out and incorporating Tom’s foam board style onto that (wedging foam board between 2x4’s) and then you can put some foam board on the bottom and wrap it with whatever eg. shingles...
  4. JeffR

    Swim test

  5. JeffR

    Swim test

    I have Leopards, MEPs, Sri Lankans and Rads as well but do not keep any of them together. The only other “losses” ever were 2 Sri Lankans babies about a year ago which I think was from hatchling failure as they never grew at all. The 11 Burmese Stars have otherwise been super hardy.
  6. JeffR

    Swim test

    You are not really making them swim just a deep soak, “the tortoise treadmill” style. If they are consistently tipping to one side one lung may be involved if they seem less buoyant it suggest both lungs could be involved. Combined with other things like not eating or panting respirations...
  7. JeffR

    Swim test

    Trying to figure out how to make a night box out by insulating an IBC tote. The “Tom box” is outstanding but relatively expensive to build (having built three now) You can get a tote for about $35 and if you could create a front access big enough so the old guys can get in and out easily it...
  8. JeffR

    Swim test

  9. JeffR

    Swim test

    Fortunately the ordeal is over. But it took about 3 months. Every other day shots and tube feedings. Not sure how it came on as it started back in August when it was plenty hot, but of course night temps dropped. While on vacation they were watered and fed and well cared for but not...
  10. JeffR

    Swim test

    It was the first thing I noticed and when I took a closer look she would not eat and then did not head in for the night. I might have picked up she was sick eventually? I can It was just the first sign that there was a problem. Bath time is often a chance to see if they are healthy...
  11. JeffR

    Swim test

    So I came back from vacation and was giving a group of Burmese Stars a bath and noticed one sort of sank. Water was not over there heads but it was clear she was less buoyant On closer inspection she had a few bubbles from her nose so pretty clearly had a respiratory infection. Took her to...
  12. JeffR

    fly river turtle floating help!

    How did the tortoise do? Any follow up?
  13. JeffR

    Hide ideas, please?

    Need a faux rock cover and your set :-)
  14. JeffR

    Andromeda (now Marco) the Aldabra Tortoise

    I have switched to having the hinges in the side like a traditional door or from above creating a covered entrance when opened The reason is the hinges get messed up with the substrate. You do need a permanent ramp or build up the ground in front to facilitate entry.
  15. JeffR

    Our Grandkids help with our Galapagos

    Mark awesome to see the big ones getting settled in! What sort of grass seed did you use? Are you planting clover or alfalfa as well?
  16. JeffR

    Night House questions

    Did you end up building this. With the cost of lumbar this seems like a good idea
  17. JeffR

    Stucco/cement enclosure at OKC zoo. Tortoise enclosure

    I thought it was pretty cool. Anyone building something like this?
  18. JeffR

    Tortoise & Turtle CPR Guide

    I can see this working and might try it if I unfortunately get in the situation. I had a Male Burmese Star appear to down while being give a bath. The water may have been too deep?? I looked down and his head was awkwardly out and under water and not moving. I picked him up and put him face...