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  1. WithLisa

    Hermann's with 1/13 Normal Scutes, Crooked?

    Only one additional scute, that happens quite often, nothing to worry about. I'm sure she will grow up to be very beautiful and healthy (and maybe even a little straighter). :)
  2. WithLisa

    Enclosure plants for shade

    I like mediterranean plants, especially lavender.
  3. WithLisa

    Hi, First time tortoise owner!

    At the moment I would say they are both girls. But I'll have to wait another year before I can be absolutely sure, they are still quite small.
  4. WithLisa

    Bean is 1!! And also need help with gender...

    300g should be big enough for sexing, so... it's a girl! :D
  5. WithLisa

    Prolapse or Flashing?

    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Gonna give me nightmares...
  6. WithLisa

    Prolapse or Flashing?

    I've had Hermanns for many years but I've never seen a penis in real life - let alone such a behaviour. :eek: I also have quite a few aquaintances with male Hermanns, they were shocked when I showed them pictures. :D Maybe Hermanns are less "hormonal" than some other species?
  7. WithLisa

    Say hi to Aisha

    Welcome! Do you have more pictures of Aisha? I would love to see the pattern of her shell. :) By the way, I think her beak should be trimmed. ;)
  8. WithLisa

    Little scar on shell?

    Oh. :D That looks like paint residues to me. Most breeders mark their babies shells (with numbers or whatever) to keep them apart and of course they use some kind of marker that is very resilient and hard to rub off. Just let it be, I bet it will disappear little by little over time.
  9. WithLisa

    What is this little guy?

    I'm sure you will give him a much better home. :D
  10. WithLisa

    What is this little guy?

    It's a Hermann's. :)
  11. WithLisa

    Hatching Tortoise Without the Shell

    What happened to the embryo, is it still alive?
  12. WithLisa

    Little scar on shell?

    Do you mean this one? Looks indeed like a healed little injury to me. Nothing to worry about. ;) A beautiful little boy(?) by the way! :<3:
  13. WithLisa

    What Do You Think Caught and ate this Bird.

    Maybe a cat? Looks like the feathers were chewed of, not ripped out - so probably not a bird of prey?
  14. WithLisa


    When choosing plants for the enclosure I mostly prefer the "wildtype" to fancy varieties, but it's probably not much difference if you feed hibiscus with pink or blue flowers.
  15. WithLisa

    Name this Plant

    I was always warned to never let them cross because the hybrid fruits can be poisonous (especially if they taste bad)? It's even in the newspaper every now and then. o_O
  16. WithLisa

    Age and sex?

    Wild caught. And... hmmm... maybe about 12 years old now?
  17. WithLisa

    An hour an inch is not always applicable.

    Some Testudo kleinmannis never even get so big! And my Eastern Hermanns are 4 years old and still smaller than 4". :D But yes, I've also seen this rule - and a few others that make no sense to me (like "no hibernation before they are at least 5 years old" or "no hibernation if they didn't...
  18. WithLisa

    Tail differences between female and male hatchlings.

    I've seen a breeder that was very good at sexing her own Hermann's hatchlings (not others!) and she was almost always right. But she had only one breeding pair and had studied their offspring for many years. So maybe there really is some kind of difference you might see with lots of experience...
  19. WithLisa

    Hi, First time tortoise owner!

    The water automatically gets muddy when they repeatedly walk in and out of the bowl and of course this happens more often on warm days (when they are more active and also more inclined to bath and drink). Not much you could do about it aside from moving the bowl to a less frequented place...
  20. WithLisa

    Hi, First time tortoise owner!

    Beautiful boys! :<3: Are they brothers? I also have two Hermann's, but they are much younger, we'll celebrate their 4th birthday soon. :D I know how much they love it, but you probably already know that tomatoes should only be a veeery rare treat? ;)