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    Leopard Tortoise for sale

    Alrighty I have sold the enclosure so now I have just the tortoise. I have dropped the price to $320! We are moving so i desperately need to rehome this one. Please PM me if you're interested. I could/would ship this tortoise but I have never done so before so I am unsure of the process...
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    Leopard Tortoise for sale

    I can send pictures if you PM me! I have a 6 month old Leopard tortoise for sale with everything you need. Got it from a registered breeder from the Reptile expo. We have to move suddenly in December and I will not have room for this one. I am really sadded by this and want to see it go to a...
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    pics from today.

    What a nice looking shell! love the markings
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    One Year Old This Week

    So cute! great pictures
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    Frankie's Halloween Costume 2012

    Absolutely love it! haha this made my day!
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    My first reaction.. holy sh** It's huge. I must say, whenever i see that you have posted something, i always look because i am shocked and stunned how beautiful and unique these are! Thank you for sharing these.
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    Very Fun Stuff :)

    lol love it!
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    Squirtle's First Year

    Love the pizza one! haha
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    Aim High :)

    Nice pictures! love the shot in the last pic!
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    weeds and grass

    I saw that someone on here posted about Caroline pet supply. Unfortunately they don't ship to Canada. Not sure where else around here sells various grasses. I am going to try some greenhouses but not sure I have seen these types of grasses there. Thanks for replying though !
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    weeds and grass

    I have a leopard tortoise and i would like to know what other people are growing indoors for their leopard since winter is coming??
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    Adopted an Old Man

    I love it's eyes, so intelligent looking!
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    Preparing Cactus Fruits

    Mine loves these!!
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    My collection - NOT the real ones!!!!

    wow!! lots of collections there
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    Cuter than puppys

    Very cute!!
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    Chip clip as a feeder

    neat idea!!
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    Neat to see it come out of the egg!
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    My Leo may be sick?

    Sorry, haven't come across this, sounds awful!
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    Heat lamp

    I have a local pet store *Big Als* that sells them. I would think any reptile store??