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  1. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    yea i catch him last night sleeping with an earthworm jammed in his jaws....fell asleep on the food, i think im bring in inside...... thanks robyn
  2. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    nope but have a little pool about 12" dia and 1" in height (embedded into the soil)......but probably install an actual little pool this weekend so they take a dip easily. yesterday he ate night crawlers and he always feel a lot heavier after being soaked....with all the water he intakes..thanks!
  3. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    my sulcatas and leopard love this weather, they run around everyone and eat everything...russians are doing ok too....i think they might be laying eggs ...shhhhhhhhhhh.....redfoots seem ok expect for poor Rio....i soak him in water everyday and we have the sprinker system on once a day. also the...
  4. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    wow thanks maggie! yvonne, i think ure right because that tort hasnt grown. i had a smaller one and now the smaller one is the same almost like stop growin about 6 months ago...and his old brother has gotten huge! and his younger sister has caught up already (1 yr apart but now...
  5. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    sure will, thanks for yalls concern
  6. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    thanks :( my other tortoises are fine in great shape....i wonder whats up with this one? guess i have no choice but to give the vet a visit.
  7. J

    Redfoot Trouble

    Im havin a problem with my redfoot, he seems to be dying. hes extremely light now, lost a lot of mass.....sleepy a lot, nods his head when he wakes up and opens his mouth..he always the last one to i have to put him near the food....he does eat a little, but eats none the less.....i...
  8. J

    Pancake Tortoise Starting bid $10

    collector..does this pancake have any pyramiding?
  9. J


    all my russians made it this winter! they stood their ground and fought the freeze temperatures!!! finally had there first real meal today. my other tortoises(red,leo,etc) were finally placed outside today, enjoyin the sunlight!
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    another new member

    welcome to tortoise FORUM!!!!!!!!!!
  11. J

    3.3 russians!

    not on sale. thanks for whoever is helpin me move the threads.......
  12. J

    Red-Foots! Red-Feet? jk

    NOT ON SALE ANYMORE, decided today that they been on here way to long for what i believe to be a good deal and have yet to sell them. I dont know how to delete this thread..........
  13. J

    new russian 3.3 price

    NOT ON SALE ANYMORE, decided today that they been on here way to long for what i believe to be a good deal and have yet to sell them, imma keep them since they just got out of hibernation maybe they can work their magic. I dont know how to delete this thread..........
  14. J

    Sri Lankan Star Tortoises

    wow.........................i cant believe ppl sell their tortoises asap and mines been on here for months.........several months for really cheap!!!!! oh well , im takin them off sale. congrats.
  15. J

    yellow foot survivior

    shes a soldier
  16. J


    hello and welcome!!!!
  17. J

    Turtletary Redfoot for sale

    lol hahahhahah
  18. J


    hey spike i got it! man its awesome i ran it back to when littlefoot first gets into his rest spot! so awesome! btw little foot is bad a$$.
  19. J


    thats awesome! not yet but as soon as i get home ill view it, job blocks out a lot. Anyways thats super spike! u are offically the awesome in my book.