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    Well, I understand that young redfoots are very shy and hide 90% of the time. Mine does.. she eats fine, sometimes wont come out for 2-3 days. sometimes every day... I want to interact with her more... perhaps take her out of the viv every day... any ideas? suggestions? I have a tortoise...
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    Suggestion of a name please :)

    Well, most of you may have seen pictures of my redfoot female... could you please help suggesting some names for her :( I am lost..
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    Pesky Flies

    Because I am actually growing plants in her enclosure that I dont want to disturb :(
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    Pesky Flies

    I have these pesky little flies in my enclosure that look VERY similar to fruit flies and whenever I mist the substrate, they pop up. Any ideas what I can do WITHOUT having to change my substrate? Can I spray something like a light bleach solution? Not sure Thanks Vicky
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    ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food

    I love that song. Its from Enigma's first album: MCMXCaD Anyway, point noted. I have started growing grass in her enclosure and she takes a munch on her way to the food bowl :)
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    Well, based on the advice given here, I would then try to ensure that the bulbs are horizontal to the enclosure and not vertically pointing downwards...
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    Return it if you can Jessica.
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    Photos of Dale and Ruby

    These are great pictures. After seeing these, I have a question: Is it ok for me to get her our of her viv? I was told to leave her alone for a bit.... how long is that? I would really like to have her roam around a little
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    Scooter, Bert and Delores

    Amazing pictures. I wish I had the ability to house my tortoise outdoors :(
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    Tort tongue and butt pictures! [[Picture heavy!]]

    HA HA Extremely cute pics. I like the one where he is flopped in the dish with his front legs hanging off the side.
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    I think this is a "Brazilian" redfoot..

    Lovely pictures. I love the colors. Is there anything specific in care or diet that preserves/brings out their colors?
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    Here's Chowder!!!

    Very cute pics
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    ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food

    True Yvonne.
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    Cuttlefish Bone

    My Redfoot will not touch her cuttlebone... yet :)
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    TAKE 2! Littlefoot- Galapagos Tortoise-- LIVE Webcam!

    Umm, I just downloaded this and typed in the information as shown. I see grey windows (no picture)
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    Improper Housing

    Gets me very angry and upset when I see pets mistreated. Its disgusting.
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    Ralph pictures and shell question

    Very nice pics. I too was wondering about the size. Btw, once a tort starts pyramiding, could that be repaired?
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    ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Food

    My Redfoot wont touch it.
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    Russian tortoises in the wild

    Very cool pictures :)
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    new outdoor enclosure

    I live in Toronto, Canada.. I am beginning to make an outdoor encl. for her. In a box... I really cannot just leave her in the yard. I have wayyyy too many predators lurking around.