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    Looking for leopard tortoises, can someone help?

    I'm not claiming to be a great breeder, but I am in MO and have some youngsters that I hatched earlier this year.
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    Protein food sources and frequency

    Sources I most commonly use are superworms(mostly when they are indoors during cold months), aquatic turtle pellets(mostly when they are outdoors during warm months), and (less frequently) pinky mice. They relish all of it. I don't really keep close track of frequency...probably once every...
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    Pyramiding: At what age can we let RF tortoises live outdoors "full time".

    I'm not in Florida(Missouri), but I can tell you my redfoot that I raised from a few months old was kept outside here since she was 5 inches or so provided night lows were over 60(usually June through September or so around here). She has virtually no pyramiding. It is fairly humid here and...
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    Redfoot Tortoise Enclosure Build - Radiant Heat Panels vs CHE's, and Acrylic questions

    My redfoot enclosure is 8' x 2.5' x 6' tall(has loft and I wanted to be able to walk in it). I have a 100 watt heat lamp on one side(basking , which they will for short periods) on for 10 hours, a 100 watt night bulb on 24/7 on one side(not visible in picture, on far side) and a ZooMed mat in...
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    A New Update on red foot types

    Male appears to be a Brazilian...female is a northern type redfoot, possibly western Venezuela or Colombian with the reduced red leg coloration, but a northern type redfoot for sure.
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    0.4.0 Mississippi Map Turtles for sale

    For what it's worth, the two turtles on the left in the first pic and the ones in the last two pics appear to be false maps(G. p.psuedogeographica) and the one on the right appears to be a Ouachitas map(G. ouachitensis) . For some reason, a lot of babies are mislabeled as Mississippi maps by...
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    What locale do you think?

    Most northern redfoots have red heads as babies and it slowly turns more orange and(usually) yellow. The plastron is not nearly as dark as a pure Brazilian specimen, so probably just a different variation of a normal Northern type. Good looking animals
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    New Leopard Owner

    You can also use a coffee grinder for the Timothy pellets, only takes a few seconds to make a powder out of a handful of those. Now, two of my leopards will munch on whole pellets, so I generally leave some in the food dish most of the time throughout the winter ; they are less inclined to eat...
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    New Leopard Owner

    Do not worry if the humidity is not over 80%...70% range will be fine especially if they are well hydrated. It takes babies a while to start on Mazuri, but almost all will eventually eat it and come to like it...just be persistent and add very small amount.
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    New Redfoot Rojo - not sure what kind of redfoot?

    It appears to me to be a possible Brazilian('cherryhead') intergrade with a northern type. It looks to have some coloration of Brazilian type but head pattern and , especially, a plastron more typical of a northern type.
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    Help sexing my Leopard

    Male of that size should have a huge tail, so almost surely female. The anal scutes of females vary more than males, they can be narrow v, nearly square(90°), or rounded, but males almost always have the wide v with the mustache shape.
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    Male or Female

    Female; a male's tail at that size would nearly be touching its hind foot.
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    Gender revealed by size or age?

    They are all female until they're males :p. I can't remember exactly when my male became obvious, but it was certainly less than 4 years of age, probably around the 6 in range, but some can show much sooner or later than others.
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    Large leo

    This is the (in)famous pic:
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    Best Book on Redfoot Tortoises

    The Ebenhack one is very good, too(Turtles of the World #3). I think the Pingleton one Yvonne mentioned focuses the most on care in captivity and has some good info and ideas. The Vinke/Vetter one that Relic mentioned is very good, but it is written at a more scientific level and focuses more...
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    Today's the day!!!! :-)

    Congrats, I hope you enjoy him . I have 2.1 and they are really neat to watch. I have 1.0 in his own tank because he is too aggressive to be with even the female all of the time. The other pair are pretty peaceful with each other.
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    Age appropiate...

    I moved my oldest one from his more humid enclosure when he was around 4". My three younger ones weren't moved to the larger, less humid one until more like 5". They have very little pyramiding, and less than my older one, but he also had more when I obtained him at an age of 6 months or so...
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    True giant yellow foot tortoises

    I live half an hour from the StL zoo, but I swear the YFs are inevitably all the way in the back of the very large enclosure when I'm there, so it is hard to see them. Very impressive even from a distance, though.
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    Giant Somali Leopard Tortoises

    I'm just imagining the feed bill: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOL Really impressive specimens.
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    Age of leopard tortoise?

    If it is 32g, it is either not very old at all (couple months) or has not grown much at all. So many factors influence growth, so you can't really tell an exact age by inspection - two that are the same age can be vastly different sizes. If it is consistently gaining weight, it is likely a...