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    I enjoyed this thread thoroughly - for the Lulz.
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    CA Ornate Wood Turtles (Pair) w/ Complete Setup

    Both males, approx. 5" long. Age unknown. See them here. Money and space are tight, since these are my latest additions and my biggest tank, they are the first to go. I took them out of a bad situation. Now they are doing great and I'd like them to go to a great home. Some changes not...
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    CA Ornate Wood Turtles (Pair) w/ Complete Setup

    You can see the turtles and their setup here. Both are males, approx. 5" long. Unknown age. Money and space are a bit tight, and since they are my latest addition and my biggest tank, they are the first to go. I took them in partly because they were in such a bad situation. They are doing...
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    question about split scutes *warning, contains "the birds and the bees" discussion*

    To some degree, perhaps. Polydactyly can be caused by recessive OR dominant inheritance, or by a new mutation. So it is very hard to determine possible outcomes, especially when you don't know the parental genes, which we usually don't, just like in tortoises. Throw in variable expressivity and...
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    Take a guess N a' gander ....

    Sulceopards :D
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    question about split scutes *warning, contains "the birds and the bees" discussion*

    I'm gonna C+P what I just put in another threat, as well as add some additional info: This is what I said over there in response to the idea that if split scutes were genetic it would be more predictable, or that there would be a predictable percentage, etc: A new mutation is still...
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    Anyone ever see a shell like this before?

    If there were problems with critical organs/organ systems, it would be FAR less likely to develop fully and actually hatch. Statistically near impossible, especially in an egg rather than a womb. Not necessarily. A new mutation is still genetic, even if it is completely unique. There are...
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    If you do go with fake plants you shouldn't have to worry about it. My torts don't think of them as food; I imagine smell is more important than sight for determining food sources. Once my female russian bit a fake fern, but I think it was mostly to say to me "Hey! I'm hungry over here!" Because...
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    Modular Tortoise Corral - Take One

    I like the PVC idea. And I like the idea of actually making one strong enough that it could serve as a permanent habitat, but still be able to be disassembled in a pinch. Thanks for the ideas. I'll try both newspaper and towels. Now that I think about it, once they get used to this, they...
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    anyone use this bulb....?

    A google search the other day turned up some bad reviews and no good reviews. I'll definitely wait it out.
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    Modular Tortoise Corral - Take One

    Living in an apartment I have limited space, of course. My tortoises each have enclosures that are about 8 sq. ft. Not too bad, but it could be better. A couple weeks ago I thought, hey, I might not be able to get them bigger permanent enclosures right now, but what if I could build them...
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    Diamondback Terrapins - Michigan
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    What kind of tort is this?

    Ah, I saw that ad last night, too. Semi-surprised to see that it wasn't a Russian at all. I thought it was a Greek but I'm also not certain on the differences between Greek and Hermanns. I got excited for about 5 seconds before I realized that I couldn't possibly get down there to get it, let...
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    A Russian Yearling... HELP :(

    I love TerryO's approach to tortoise keeping in general. She uses a healthy amount of intuition, which I think is important, and I also try to do. Of course that is in addition to experience and supplemental reading. However, the only thing I would disagree with in that paragraph is the bit...
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    Female RT - Egg Laying? What's wrong?

    Thanks Danny. I wasn't sure if her laying more eggs was even a possibility at this point. She laid her other eggs in this enclosure, but I built her a nest box that had deeper substrate than the rest of the enclosure. She dug and dug for 7-10 days both times before eventually using the nest box...
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    Female RT - Egg Laying? What's wrong?

    My female RT has been acting like she is going to lay eggs. She laid two clutches of two eggs each back in August/September. She has been permanently separated from my male since July. She is digging like crazy and not eating much. Is there any chance she could lay more eggs? In some ways...
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    Robi Thermo gun

    I looked at that one and wasn't crazy about the reported accuracy. I bought one from Kintrex on Amazon for $47 (free shipping) and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.
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    Very Active...But Not Eating?

    Haha, yes I guess there is no doubt about his sex. Thought it was worth a mention. I'm back to having no idea. Best of luck!
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    Question related to Testudinidae Domesticus

    There is indeed a big difference, I just don't believe in compartmentalizing ethics. Ethics need to be broad to have any meaning. If you pick and choose what is right and wrong, you aren't really deciding on a code of ethics, you are just choosing what is convenient or most appealing in each...
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    Very Active...But Not Eating?

    This seems like a long shot, but if "he" is actually a "she," then this sounds like nesting behavior. Seems like the wrong time of year, though. And based on the weight you gave I'm guessing he's only about 4.5-5" which would be too small if indeed he were a she. If you don't get any more...