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    Box turtle hatching not eating

    About a week and a gal ago I got a hatching box turtle and since I got him he hasn't eaten a single thing every morning I take him out of his encloser and put him in a little bit of water and then take the water out and put a worm in with him but he doesn't act interested at all he either goes...
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    turtle hiding in shell while basking

    i have two female eastern box turtles and im new to having them and just in the past couple of days one of them start to go into her shell and close it completely when ever she is under her heat lamp his this normal?
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    substrate sticking to trtles

    Hi, have 2 eastern box turtles and the substrate that they have is a mixture of eco earth and potting soil and for some reason it keeps sticking all over them and its always on them is this normal or is there something im doing wrong please help me. thanks!!