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    This is regarding my Indian star

    Yes gets a lot of sunlight all day.. I feed her the aloe, but I never applied it to the shell.. gotta try it out.
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    Calling on indian star owners residing in INDIA

    Hey there, I’m from Hyderabad and these are my two Indian stars, I keep them in my balcony where there is ample sunlight and also a few pots which serve as hiding places for the torts. At night I place them in a See through plastic tub and take them inside. I place a towel in the tub as it’s...
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    This is regarding my Indian star

    I have two young Indian stars. I don’t know their age.. but I was told they there around 2 years old. My cousins pet Pomeranian attacked the tiny One a few weeks ago.. she had a deep wound at one place on her bottom shell, I took her to a doctor who treated her told me that she healed pretty...