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    Health Check

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some thoughts here as I believe my tortoise is healthy just some curious questions. I noticed he/she has some white skin built up around his nails on the back legs. Is this stuck shed or is the skin just growing with the nails. I don’t have an age but I...
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    Substrate (Canada)

    Hello! I was wondering if someone from Canada that uses top soil or potting mix for substrate could recommend the best one they use. I’m having a hard time picking one out that doesn’t have anything bad in it for the tortoise. Thanks in advance!
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    Herman tortoise gender

    Thank you! He’s a pretty happy tortoise I must say and Canada yes, in the Northwest Territories.
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    Herman tortoise gender

    Boy or girl ? Also I was wondering if anyone could give me an age references based on the size in comparison to a tortoise you know the age of. Thank you!
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    Is my tortoise a western or eastern Herman ?

    Could someone tell me if my Herman is western or eastern please… I’m pretty positive it’s a Herman Any age guesses ?
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    Is my tortoises scales normal ?

    Also thank you for the reply!
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    Is my tortoises scales normal ?

    Could it be his scales shedding ? He is basking and sleeping a lot more
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    Is my tortoises scales normal ?

    Hello Can someone tell me if the white spots on the front of my western herman tortoises legs are normal? Is it just his scales shedding ? He has a basking spot of 95 and a cool spot of 70 to 75 The humidity on the basking spot is 50 to 60 and the cool spot is 70 to 80 In the first picture...