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  1. ButtonSulcata

    Overgrown bottom beak?

    My tortoise looks like his bottom beak is overgrown and i am assuming it’s caused by Lack of calcium And I have a plan to fix that. But does his beak look bad enough that it needs to be trimmed immediately or is there other ways to fix this issue overtime without causing him harm? He’s two years...
  2. ButtonSulcata

    Is my sulcata pyramiding?

    My tortoise button is currently 1 year and 7 months old I believe. He has a great appetite and I have greatly changed his set up since I first got him (he wasn’t in the best set up) he is currently 8 ounces I weighed him this morning after he was soaked. I cannot tell if he has early signs of...
  3. ButtonSulcata

    Any tips on how to get my sulcata to eat hay and pellets?

    My tortoise will not touch hay with a ten foot pole I’ve tried rubbing his favorite fruit on it (strawberry) and it’s always in the cage but he never eats it I even tried mazuri pellets to get him to have a proper diet but he just won’t touch it. The only way I can get him to eat grass is if...
  4. ButtonSulcata

    Baby Sulcata squeaking

    My sulcata button earlier made a squeaking sort of noise when I rubbed alittle water on his shell when I checked his nose it didn’t have any discharge and I haven’t noticed any trouble in him breathing but should I be worried I changed his set up a few months ago because I was informed on how...
  5. ButtonSulcata

    Need help with sulcata diet!

    Thank you so much, I didn’t know I was harming my tortoise in the long run by having his enclosure set up the way it is and I’m going to fix it as soon as I can!
  6. ButtonSulcata

    Need help with sulcata diet!

    I’ve heard different things on %s of what I should feed my sulcata , and I’d like to do my best to prevent pyramiding , so if anyone knows how much fiber, calcium, ect should be in my tortoises diet I’d love the help. Thank you !