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  1. stinax182

    Keeping Indian Star & Leo *separately* in same room?

    I have a great opportunity to adopt a small Indian Star tortoise who needs a home. Upon further research I find that they are particularly susceptible to pathogens other torts carry. I currently house a Leopard tort. Now they would have separate enclosures both inside and outside. They would...
  2. stinax182

    Keeping Leopard & Indian Star *separately*

    I have an great opportunity to adopt a small Indian Star tortoise. I currently have a Leopard tortoise. Upon further research I’m finding that Stars are very susceptible to pathogens from other tortoises. Both torts are CB and healthy. I’ve owned the Leo for 8 years and the Star is 3. These two...
  3. stinax182

    Adult eastern box turtle

    Is there anyone in the western Massachusetts area who would like to adopt my adult eastern box turtle? I’m moving and no longer have an outdoor space for her which is where I kept her all summer. It’s not fair to her so I’m looking for someone to take her but you’d have to have an outdoor space...
  4. stinax182

    It's been 3 years since I adopted my leopard tortoise

    And look how big he's gotten! I received him August 2012 and his previous owner said he purchased him as a hatchling in April 2011. So I say he's 4.5 years old. He weighed 276g and was 5" scl. He came with a bit of pyramiding which makes sense after I asked how he was cared for. (dry, dry, dry)...
  5. stinax182

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome to the forum! I live in Massachusetts a Russian tort is a great choice! They have such unique personalities! Check out the Russian tortoise forum under species specific, Mediterranean tortoises. They are great pet tortoises but do require a large enclosure. We need pictures
  6. stinax182

    Outdoor underground night box for EBT

    Thank you tom! I have a Windows phone but the search option doesn't work for this forum
  7. stinax182

    Outdoor underground night box for EBT

    I'd like to keep my eastern box turtle outside 24/7 this summer. I live in Massachusetts so it's perfect weather for her. I have an escape proof enclosure but I'd like to make a wooden den box that i can bury and fill with leaf litter for her to hide and sleep in. I believe some people use this...
  8. stinax182


    Thanks guys. I'm buying a hydrofarm one because of the good reviews on Amazon.
  9. stinax182


    I need a thermostat for my reptiles. Are the helix ones on lllreptile really the only ones? 135$?!? That's ridiculous. Are there cheaper options? I don't like the rheostat and I would prefer a digital read out.
  10. stinax182

    Sulcata is screaming please help

    I know when my tort is doing his business he sticks his head in and out a couple times. It's his signal to the clean up crew
  11. stinax182

    Another Week, Another Blizzard

    I'm in western ma and an suffering the same as you! Hang in there!
  12. stinax182

    What do I use to seal my tortoise table

    Just line it with tarp and you won't need to seal it.
  13. stinax182

    Hello and THANK YOU!

    Hey there! I want to thank you for being responsible and researching your pet before buying him. We get many people who unfortunately received wrong information and therefore are caring for their pet incorrectly. That being said, now that you know what to do and how to do it, enjoy your...
  14. stinax182

    Cleaning a box turtle habitat

    Most people just spot clean waste you can see. I have a large enclosure so i don't have to change the substrate much but in a smaller one you can change it every 6 mon - a year. If you bathe him everyday he may poop in the bath and save you time picking it up.
  15. stinax182


    I also use the hydrofarm one and am very happy with it. Very easy to use and controls the temps good, give or take 2-3°. I use it for a ceramic heat emitter but didn't know i could use a power bar so i will be adding another to it.
  16. stinax182

    Wild leopard tortoise video.

    That was great! Thank you for posting that!
  17. stinax182

    How I keep my sulcata in a Canadian winter

    Very nice. That is so much better than what some people in warm climates can provide.