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  1. TebowHammer

    Where's Tebowhammer?

    LOL!! WOW!!! Thanks you guys for all your caring and support! Dash is doing excellent!!! Eating like a monster and growing like a weed! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post any new pics of him over the past few weeks. My fiance and I are moving to Sarasota, FL and life has been pretty...
  2. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
  3. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day: 17 Dash LOVES dinner time!
  4. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    That's why I snapped the pic quick and got the heck outta there! :)
  5. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day 16: Here's Dash-man...settling in for the night.
  6. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day: 15 Dash is REALLY loving his Prize Egg!! Happy Easter! BTW, Mikka says thanks guys for all the nice comments. :)
  7. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day: 14 My fiance, Mikka, got in on the action with this one. Clearly, she's the photographer in the family! :) She was able to get an EXTREME close up of Dash taking a nap under his basking lamp.
  8. TebowHammer

    Hello !!!

    Hey Laura, Welcome to the forum! It's a great idea to ask first, buy later. I didn't know enough before I got my first tortoise, Tebow. Regretfully, he was delivered to me in poor shape and I didn't realize it. We tried everything we could but lost him after a month. If I would've done a...
  9. TebowHammer

    Mazuri did this.

    WOW!! What a difference!
  10. TebowHammer


    Who knows, Greg...he might see how well you take care of your Aldabras, and might want in on some of that action! Of course, if I was a desert tort...I'd be pretty friggin' impressed by a herd of giant Aldabras myself. Hell, who am I kiddin?! I'm a human and I'm still impressed by Aldabras...
  11. TebowHammer

    Just, a nice day!

    Nice selection you got there Neil! One day I'll be in that position. Great looking torts!
  12. TebowHammer


    Nothin' like a lil' sun to make ya feel better! That's one good looking baby sullie, D'Marcus!
  13. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    I really appreciate that D'Marcus. I'm trying hard to keep it as smooth and healthy as possible[hr] Lol! That's good news, Tom! I'm having a blast with him and I honestly can't way for the day when I'm ready to take on more, different species of tortoises, and possibly start breeding them...
  14. TebowHammer

    "CC" DAY 7, ( RECAP DAYS 1 THRU 6)

    Man, it's amazing the difference a week can make! I agree with Tom... It'd be AWESOME to see a day-by-day once CC starts going outside. Excellent progress, Greg!
  15. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day 13: Monumental day, today! Dash ate out of my hand for the first time!! (He also grazed in the yard for the first time, too. Have some clover springing up and he dove into it!) My boy's growing up. Dash has just taken a bite from the piece of spring mix in my hand. Look close and...
  16. TebowHammer

    Smart little guy

    Lol...that's very cool, Shelly. We should start a series called "Tortoises Do The Darndest Things!"
  17. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Lol...I think you guys might be right. Check out this pic I took this morning (almost forgot to post my pic for today!). Day 12: Dash is like, "Come on, man! I'm trying to eat!!" :)
  18. TebowHammer

    365 Days of Dash

    Day 11: No...this isn't the same picture as Day 8! :P I just wanted to show you guys why Dash was digging the hole in the first place. This has been his sleeping spot of choice for the past few days. I move him to his humid hide before I turn the lights out, but he always winds up back...
  19. TebowHammer

    Not sure if i did this yet but here we go

    Welcome to the forum, Phil. And nice moves, man!!
  20. TebowHammer

    Some New Modifications..

    Little guy's looking good, Jacob! Oh...and my little niece wants her blanket back! ;) Keep up the great work, man! You're doing an awesome job with him. Have you come up with a name yet?