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  1. Chariya

    Watch Family’s Dachshund and Speedy Tortoise Playing Football Together

    My Dachshunds would have that tortoise torn up in 5-10 minutes. They're running a risk letting their Dachshund play with the tortoise. They can be nice to an animal one minute then take it out. Mine try to kill cats, rodents and anything else small that moves. It's their nature to hunt. They...
  2. Chariya

    Where to find a breeder (Florida)

    Check, he's in Florida.
  3. Chariya

    Looking For Adult Female Russian Tortoises

    Tortoise Supply has adult Russians, you could also check Southern Reptiles in Florida.
  4. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    Oh you really told me Tom. Hahahaha.
  5. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    Sorry Yvonne, just call it how I see it. That's how I am.
  6. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    Have you used the one I use? I find you're completely off base. You're quite the arrogant little man. You think everything you recommend is the best there is. I've seen pictures of your work and things you build and I hear banjo music which makes me question your building recommendations. I've...
  7. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    I can't say the ones I use are the best on the market but I would only use one that screws together for strength rather than pressed together.
  8. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is plastic. I don't have any pictures of mine on my PC. They work well for controlling heat and humidity. You can get them with sliding doors and swing open doors. Look at the website for Dragonhaus, they have pictures.
  9. Chariya

    Custom Russian Tortoise home

    If you're interested in a PVC enclosure you can check out Dragonhaus reptile enclosures, he built mine but right now it will take 5-6 months for a build. He does custom enclosures also. They are very easy to put together. Tom knows someone I believe who also builds PVC enclosures. If you can set...
  10. Chariya

    Fire 🔥Ants, Big Birds, and Danger Noodles: How to Protect Hermann’s Outside?

    You can also use sugar mixed with Borax soap 50/50 mix, they'll carry the borax into their nest with the sugar and eat it. My mom used it to get rid of the ants on her property.
  11. Chariya

    For sale?

    Thomas tortoise, I don't understand this budget deal you're on. Animals cost money. I have 2 Miniature Dachshunds and 1 blew it's back out I spent almost $800 yesterday at the Vet to get Xrays, Blood work for medication and the cost of medication for her. When I got my Russian Tortoises I did a...
  12. Chariya

    My Herman’s Tortoise died suddenly…

    I would recommend Arizona Tortoise Compound, bought 3 Russian hatchlings from Andy and all were healthy and I bought 2-4" Female Russians from Ryan at Southern Reptiles. Both Andy and Ryan are helpful. Ryan has some Eastern Hermanns hatchlings on his website.
  13. Chariya

    Good deal?

    As Zeropilot asked about how big your enclosure is, you don't want to get too small of a UV light. I have a 4 foot closed chamber and use a 36 inch UV light. Good price though and that's the T5 fixture you want and tube.
  14. Chariya

    Puffy neck and legs

    Is there glass between the tortoise and the wafer board you're using? That board has chemicals in the glue they use to manufacture it that aren't good for the tortoise, add humidity and it makes it worse. It could also have an allergic reaction to the chemicals is why it's face and legs are swollen.
  15. Chariya

    Good deal?

    I'm a new member. You can buy an Arcadia fixture with T5 tube or just the Tube from Reptile Basics, they ship fast. I have also dealt with Dragonhaus Enclosures, he sells another brand T5 Tubes for reptiles and T5 fixtures.