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  1. Zxsong

    Pet shop baby tortoises

    Immediately fell in love upon first sight. These guys are about the size of a half dollar coin. They're so dry and small! I only want to kind of steal them just to soak them. I would spent millions of dollars on tortoises if I had 5 acres of land. Hopefully this is their temporary home and...
  2. Zxsong

    Pittbull for a good home

    I have a friend who can't take care of her blue nose female pittbull. This dog is purebred and about 3 years old. We can't give her the space she needs anymore, so it would be great if someone could take her in and give her a good home. She's a sweetheart and mainly an outside dog. We'd prefer...
  3. Zxsong


    For some reason our RES will only eat fry or gold colored fish. Anything else is scary and weird.
  4. Zxsong

    Little Dude ate!

    When I first got my tortoise for the first couple of weeks she/he was shy to eat in front of me or do anything (poo, pee). She/he eventually ate in front of me after a few weeks, and even from my hand. I still have yet to see it drink and I've had it for two months now. I'm convinced that the...
  5. Zxsong

    WOW- Just had Big Quake

    Wow thanks for telling me the procedures of earthquake emergencies! I was NE raised so I only know tornados and black ice. My tort slept through the entire thing.
  6. Zxsong

    WOW- Just had Big Quake

    I felt it! I don't even know what a person is suppose to do when a quake happens. Grab your animals and run? Sounds right.
  7. Zxsong

    "Orange Julius" ....

    That name is perfect!! :) and one that little tort is going to have to grow into!
  8. Zxsong

    Fat Molly

    Thank you so much you just saved some baby fish lives! Can I ask how you would be able to tell on a black molly?
  9. Zxsong

    Fat Molly

    I've had this little one for about a month now and she's been fat for a long time. I'm not sure if it's poo or if she's a "balloon" Molly. If she is pregnant can someone please guesstimate how far along she is? I'd like place her into the breeding box than leave her in the tank to give birth...
  10. Zxsong


    Bacon! Yummm :D
  11. Zxsong

    Dudley the Sulcata!

    Just out of curiosity do you cross streets? :D How would you cross them with a slow tortoise?
  12. Zxsong

    So ...ya like baby Cherries?

    They're adorable!! You're going to make me broke! Its so hard having only one tortoise.. :(
  13. Zxsong

    For bigred, bigred and bigred.

    They are so beautiful! :) Haha it is almost time for a bigger scale they almost don't fit!
  14. Zxsong

    Looking like BOY Terrapins?

    Thank you for sharing your pictures! Those are some amazing specimens! Now if only my wallet was fatter...
  15. Zxsong


    What a lucky (might I add beautiful) tortoise! :) Id love to know what kind of species she/he is. The petsmart over here like to call their tortoises "assorted."
  16. Zxsong

    Mystery plant

    Thank you Jacqui! Haha I'm sorry I'm not encouraging it either. She tells me it was a complete mistake, but whatever it was it was about 15+ years ago. I think the airports around here and much more strict now. The leaves on the smaller one look similar and I've found an even smaller plant...
  17. Zxsong

    Time really flies (pics heavy)

    This is a gorgeous group of torts! I love how dark they are [WHITE SMILING FACE]️
  18. Zxsong

    Mystery plant

    Thank you Yvonne! I would have messaged you but I have no idea how to spend pictures.
  19. Zxsong

    Old bed = enclosed chamber

    How creative of you! Nice work :D
  20. Zxsong

    Mystery plant

    I personally have tons of mystery plants around my yard/house and so does my family. This particular one was supposedly brought home from the place Jesus was buried or born and my mom decided to grab it and "accidentally" took it in the plane. (Which is illegal right?) She swears by it's healing...