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  1. Ben02


    They are excellent swimmers, a main part of their diet is frogs and fish that they manage to find.
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    Leopard tortoise in Collage?

    I thought this thread was about a tortoise going to university for a second.?
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    Found a crab while rock-pooling today.
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    Making grunting noises

    They sometimes make a hissy sound in between bites and when swallowing food if that what your witnessing? Aslong as he’s not showing any abnormal signs (runny nose, lethargy etc) then I doubt it’s anything to worry about:)
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    Hi Ray how’s it going!? How’s Opo too??
  6. Ben02

    Lining a vivarium

    Hi, I made my boas bioactive vivarium water proof by using a big sheet of pond liner on the base of the viv and overlapping on the sides. I stuck it all down by using aquarium safe silicone. You can buy pond liner online or at a garden centre:)
  7. Ben02

    Is this shell normal or does it need treatment?

    The shell is pyramiding but it’s only cosmetic. Appropriate humidity and regular soaks aswell as proper uv and diet requirements should stop it progressing. :)
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    That’s very weird, maybe it was to do with not being able to taste anything apart from strong tasting sweet things. Glad you and your brothers are all ok now! I've been working with some particular animals that have been in terrible conditions before they were brought in to the rescue, this...
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    Best concert you’ve been to

    They would be amazing to see live!!
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    Best concert you’ve been to

    If I had a time machine I would definitely go back in time and see Hendrix play live.
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    Oh noo I’m glad you were able to recover from it, what were your main symptoms with the virus? I’m still volunteering weekly at the rescue centre and I love it! I’m getting as much experience in the sector as possible. :)
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    I don’t really enjoy the virtual lessons as much as I’m just sitting at my computer all day and I do doze of a bit?. Covid has really changed education and not just the kids, must be very strange for teachers too! How are you finding it so far?
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    Pink plastron.

    If you gently press the pinkish parts of the plastron does it return to normal colour? Youngsters shells are still developing and sometimes you can see blood vessels etc through the shell. How is the tortoises behaviour generally? Is he eating, pooping, is he active?
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    I hope you are doing alright Lyn, it’s been a strange year or so I’ve got to admit. College is mostly virtual at the moment but we do get one day at college a week for practical lessons. All exams were cancelled for this year too. Masks have to be worn in class rooms and we do covid tests...
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    I’ve been doing very well Cathie, how have you been?!
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    How’s it going everyone! Haven’t popped in for a while. Me and the animals are all good, still volunteering too!
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    Skin tag/bump on tortoise's neck?

    I wouldn’t get overly worried about that skin tag but I definitely recommend getting it checked out by an exotics vet.
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    FLEX SEAL uses for tortoise keeping

    I’ve always wondered if it would be suitable for waterproofing vivariums. Fumes would be a main concern.
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    What's your strangest dream or dreams?

    I’ve had the strangest dreams but my favourite one involved me at a casino playing cards, doesn’t sound weird until I tell you that everyone playing including the card dealer was a human size tortoise with fancy clothes on and top hats... I spend way to much time with torts :eek:
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    does my tortoise's shell look to be growing okay?

    Perfect, when the weathers warm enough you can get him outside for some natural UVB too. Enjoy your little guy:)