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  1. Brendaf

    Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...

    Please don’t stop Tom. even if you only get thru to a few. The few will help spread the word. I got my sully from a back yard breeder the whole clutch was in a tank on news paper with a heat lamp.. I found you guys and started following your guidance. She (or he but i really don’t look forward...
  2. Brendaf

    Please tell me this is NOT a penis

    please let my sully be a girl......
  3. Brendaf

    Fruitless Mulberry Tree

    now i know why i can’t find them. I am in Mesa/AJ area
  4. Brendaf


    tea please with cream
  5. Brendaf


    rain? what is this thing you call rain ?
  6. Brendaf


    are mask required?
  7. Brendaf

    Holy this...

    As a newbie I did not come here to get sugar coated crap I came to save the life of three little hatchlings that were being raised in a dry 10 gal. Tank with news paper on the bottom and light bulbs for heat. Two are doin good in homes with the "Tom" set up now and I am keeping the last guy...
  8. Brendaf

    Holy this...

    And here I thought I was strange, my baby did not like its soak so I would often pop it ins it's water sacuser , it would still gets its soak but soon it started getting in its water. All on its own.... But I still soak it and its starting to be ok with it.
  9. Brendaf

    Help identifying my new friend

    Just don,t run him off with "boy parts" photo :0
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  11. Brendaf

    Carolina Pet Supply Order

    I ordered seed a while back. Never got it.....sent email.....nothing.
  12. Brendaf


    jazzy has a light stick but it’s still dark and i am so cold
  13. Brendaf

    Sulcata size and humid environment

    Thank you...another nugget of information in my basket! So it looks like I have a couple of years or more to plan a outside enclosure.
  14. Brendaf

    Sulcata size and humid environment

    So enclosed humid chamber in side, but it's ok to be out side when warm enough to but provide shade and water? My guys are inside and have been fallowing Toms guide lines,still think I see a bit of pyramiding,
  15. Brendaf

    48x30x18 encloser

    I am looking at getting a incloser from Animal plastic. It will be for one sully. How long do you think this will be ok for him/her? I am following the advice from here on food,temp,etc. Right now I have them ( got two but one is going to my son in Calif in a few months) in a closed 20 gal...