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    Dog got ahold of my Sulcata tortoise.

    I can't believe your vets sent him home with open wounds - is there nothing you can put over them to stop infection
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    Flared Scutes in Russian Tortoise

    You can buy it off ebay /the tortoise hut. I grow my own as it grows very quickly. You can buy one plant with a few sections on it, break the sections off and then put them into some soil indoors too, amd they will grow and have babies, and uou can gave an endless supply by breaking a section...
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    Poorly horsefield tortoise.

    Hi All, my 9 Yr old male horsefield is now being tube fed by myself as .... in the last 3 weeks he's not eaten, weed or done a poo. Been to the vets, had x-rays, various tests, bloods n swobs etc but nothing shows up. He did/does have white spots on his throat but nothing came back with typical...
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    Carrot Soak??

    Hi, I've got 5 horsefields ... Martha around 20/25 years old, RiffRaff @ 9yrs, Molly @ 4yrs, Billy @ 3 and Tailor at 2yrs old - all happy or appear so. Taylor likes to sleep a lot. 3babies live in one table and the other 2 roam about downstairs in the winter. I was just reading an old forum...