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    Conflicting Brumation Advice

    Hello I posted a few days ago asking for feedback for my tortoise's outdoor enclosure. Thank you again to everyone who responded. I have been thinking ahead to the upcoming brumation period. Sidney is around 50-70 years old per the vet's approximation and is a Mediterranean spur-thighed...
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    Outdoor enclosure

    Thank you everyone for your very helpful comments. We think she is a Greek tortoise. She is going to an exotic vet on Tuesday to find out more regarding age and confirming her breed. We did have a semi circle bit of log bark as a hide but she climbed on it and slid off so no longer have that as...
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    Outdoor enclosure

    Hi Could I please get some feedback for the layout of our tortoise enclosure? The size is 6 feet by 12 feet. We only got Sidney last week so very new to having a tortoise but keen to learn as much as I can. Thanks Nat