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    Female Red Foot for Sale (MA)

    She is 9 years old; 8.5". She has ALWAYS been small, and healthy. Local adopters please (too cold to ship). Not able to upload pix here. $180.00 for tort.
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    Tortoise owners in New England area

    Are you asking any money for her? I am located in Feeding Hills, MA. Thank you, Cheryl
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    New RT Enclosure?

    Waiting for the owner to email me back.
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    New RT Enclosure?

    I am wondering if this will work for my RT as her indoor enclosure for the winter months. I would obviously get rid of the glass shelving and have some ideas on how to make a second level. They are asking $150.00.
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    Help with gnats!

    I had the same problem, I ordered these from Amazon that took care of the problem: Fly Stick 10.5" Traps Flies, Moths, Wasps, Gnats and other Flying Insects Fly Stick 10.5" Traps Flies, Moths, Wasps...
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    Should I give away my tort Walter?

    Hi Heather, I am also in MA! If you need a tort babysitter, I would be happy to look after Walter for you! :tort::tort:
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    Redfoot help

    Hi Rachel, I love your set-up. Welcome to the forum. I also have a RF-am a newer owner; this site is wonderful for all questions.
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    "Herbal Hay"

    I just ordered a pound, among some other things as well!
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    more cragslist torts/turtles :(

    I was going to answer the ad for tortoise in Worcester; I believe $200.00 is too much for this tort. I am about 45 minutes away.
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    Another Russian Nightmare!

    She is so lucky that you saved her! I wonder how long her tank mates had been deceased prior to you finding them? How sad.
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    Tortoise owners in New England area

    I am in Feeding Hills, MA, but do go to the Mansfield Drive-In during the summer.
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    I finally Got Him!!!

    Welcome and Congratulations on getting Joey. You would think a pet store would know how to care for their animals. I got my first tort from Pet Smart. I was given the wrong information from a sales person. I was told she would only need a 20 gallon tank to live in; to feed her iceburg lettuce...
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    How much hay do they eat daily? I can't get over how big they are; and my husband thinks our red foot is "big".
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    Does your tortoise like kisses too?

    All the pictures are great :<3:. I don't kiss my torts, only because of what I have read-salmonella.
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    Graphic photos , what kind of ******* would do this

    Dozer deserves a long, wonderful life with a loving owner. What a strong-willed girl to live thru such a traumatic nightmare.
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    I do the same thing leigti does-scrape cuttle bone onto the food and also add TNT powder to the greens. maggie3fan had me laughing; one question: What does a bat-s** box turtle act like? :p
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    New tortoise owner could use help!

    Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is helpful & friendly. Thank you for taking care of this beautiful tort. :tort:
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    Night heat required?

    I don't use any type of heat for my 2 RT's at night.
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    Tort Names & How Many?

    What are your torts names and how many do you own? I now have 3: 2 RT's-Squibbles & Sophie 1 RF-Mini Waffles