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    I'm new

    Hey, thanks for your welcomes guys! He goes through phases of being really active and then other days just sits in the same spot; i'll take him out to bathe him and encourage him to eat, and he's fine, but then goes back to the same spot and does not move. Over the past week or so, he appears...
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    I'm new

    Hey, I'm new to this. I bought my redfoot tortoise in May when he was two. I love the guy, but I'm constantly scared i'm doing stuff wrong because he doesn't seem too happy. So yeah, that's why I'm here
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    Worried over my sad, weak redfoot

    I'm concerned about my redfoot. I've had him since May and he's been going through phases of really active and then really quiet. Recently, he's hardly moving around and when he does, he seems to slide, rather than actually walk. I don't know whether his legs are weak or something, but coupled...