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  1. Future4Animals

    Russian tortoise eggs rolled after uncovering

    I remember that guy. Tort Stork or something. Makes sense.
  2. Future4Animals

    Russian tortoise eggs rolled after uncovering

    Today I accidentally came across a nest of three Russian tortoise eggs in their enclosure. All three are intact but unfortunately rolled from the original positions. I did my best to figure out which way was up. I candled all three and they are solid at this point. It's the beginning of July and...
  3. Future4Animals

    Wanted Golden Greeks | Adults & Youngsters

    Looking to acquire a few more adults and add to my group of youngsters for future breeding. Would love to find individuals who are more buttery gold / orange. Send me a private message with any you may have or may have up coming. (sample pic from the internet)
  4. Future4Animals

    Russian tortoises over wintering in Phoenix

    I had a group of 10 Russians outside most of the year last year. November came around and most found a nice hole to dig into when the weather temperatures dropped. I positioned some overturned plastic totes around the enclosure and most went inside and dug in underneath those. Fast forward to...
  5. Future4Animals

    Russian subspecies with high domed carapace

    Does Anybody have a really domed Russian tortoise? Out of my group of 10. I have this really domed female. She is much more narrow than any of the others. The pictures are not doing the dome part justice. She also has this interesting leopard pattern on the shell. I know there are three...
  6. Future4Animals

    Russian and Wood Enclosure

    What about the thoughts of a Russian tortoise scratching up against the expanded PVC? I thought the wood would be sturdy barrier.
  7. Future4Animals

    Russian and Wood Enclosure

    Looking to create a 3-ft by 6 ft enclosure for my Russians. I will use wood painted with pond paint to keep the moisture out. My question is will the be damaged by the Russians if they decide to start scratching the wood? I understand most pond paint is an epoxy. Any thoughts?