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    Habitat setup help

    hey guys! So I posted a bit ago last week about my sick sulcata. Since then he has passed, but I’ve been trying to make my habitat suitable to my other baby sulcata. I’ve come to a dilemma of how to set it up when it comes to heat. I have switched my uvb/uva bulb to a mercury vapor heat bulb...
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    Sick sulcata

    Thanks for replying guys! I just want to clear a bit of my info up. My habitat does have a cover that keeps them warm I took it off for the picture. My basking area hits about 100 degrees and I have a temperature gauge a bit further from the lamp that when the habitat hits 95 degrees it turns...
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    Sick sulcata

    hi guys! My name is Danielle and I’m new to the forum! I have two 5 month old baby sulcatas that I love dearly! However, one of them is sick! Leonard has been very lethargic lately, he hasn’t been eating, even rejected strawberries. His eyes are now shut and the sides of his shell are starting...