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  1. Tom

    Tortoise keeps trying to eat my clothes?

    Its normal for them to try to sample things. Just keep your clothing out of the way. There are plenty of "natural" food in NY, and if you are land locked in the concrete jungle of the big city, you can grow your own in pots or planters. If you must use grocery store foods, it is important to...
  2. Tom


    What size tortoises are Danny and Wilma? How old? Some flexibility is normal. Their shells are not completely rigid like a rock even as adults. It doesn't sound to me like you are doing anything wrong. No harm in some calcium with D3 once in a while.
  3. Tom

    My russian tortoise only eats brocolli!!!

    For their safety. Plain and simple. Their enclosures, both indoors and out, should be large enough to meet their roaming needs. It would be "unfair", or better described as inhumane, to keep a tortoise in a small enclosure all the time. If the enclosure is suitably large, as it should be, there...
  4. Tom

    Donoghue Ratio

    Tortoises come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes, and therefore volume. Even males and females of the same species can be shaped entirely differently, as in the case of red foot or Burmese star tortoises. Because of this fact, these ratios are meaningless. Your tortoise should feel...
  5. Tom

    Tom's response to "Garden State Tortoise" Video

    Thanks for the info. It has been my understanding that "sand" or "silt" indicates nothing more than particle size, but the particles can be made of anything, as you explained here. Is that correct?
  6. Tom

    My russian tortoise only eats brocolli!!!

    There is no safe way to do this. It can't be made safe. Your tortoise needs to be in its own enclosure and the enclosure needs to be large enough to meet its exercise needs. Make a large outdoor enclosure to use during favorable weather.
  7. Tom


    That is all normal. Tortoises sit in the sun to warm up. If they are already warm enough, they sit in the shade so that they don't over heat.
  8. Tom

    sulcata baby

    Click on the link that I left for you in post #4 above. All of this is explained in detail there. There is also a heating and lighting breakdown, and a sulcata care sheet near the bottom. Those threads will tell you everything you need to know and answer all of your questions so far. More...
  9. Tom

    Closed chamber lighting

    You don't need shade or a basking area all day outside for a baby. Just for an hour or so. You will need to start planning a large full time outdoor enclosure and get all your shade plants established and growing. For now, you just need a little patch of shade for a short while.
  10. Tom

    Found tortoise

    Yep. Its one of your native box turtles. Make sure it is somewhere safe and leave it be. I rescued two of those from the road in one day in Newnan and Senoia. I moved them off the road and back into the nearby woods in the direction they were already traveling.
  11. Tom

    New b

    You are welcome. It looks like my other thread for you didn't post. Here it is again:
  12. Tom

    Closed chamber lighting

    I looked at your weather. The daytime high is hot right now, but not terrible. Look like a cooling trend in the next few days too. Make an outdoor enclosure that has access to both shade and sunshine. Put the tortoise out in the morning, before it gets too hot. The tortoise only needs access to...
  13. Tom


    Cigarette buts, lost coins or ear rings, nails, screws, broken glass, pesticides and other toxic park chemicals, dog feces... The list is endless. People lose them this way too. They answer their cell phone for one second and BOOM! The tortoise disappears. It happens all the time. There is no...
  14. Tom

    Bulk Buying in the UK

    Do people in the UK grow orchids? If yes, find a shop that sells them, and try to order a large bag of fine grade orchid bark.
  15. Tom

    sulcata baby

    To recap what Alex said, here are the most important details for you: 1. Get a closed chamber. Open topped enclosures don't work. 2. Switch substrates. Coco chips like what you have are not good for tortoises. 3. Change the lighting ASAP. 4. Separate them ASAP. Tortoises should never be kept in...
  16. Tom


    It isn't safe to take a tortoise to a park and let it roam free. They ned to be in their own enclosure. Public parks are full of all sorts of hazards.
  17. Tom

    😔 I think i lost a baby tortoise.

    I have. I would leave the egg alone and see what happens. Eggs are full of surprises. Let it ride...
  18. Tom

    10 years on July 17th!

    Pshhh... Noob... I'm glad you are here man. 😎🐢
  19. Tom

    New African Sulcata 2 years old

    Those will work great for ambient lighting.
  20. Tom

    Guide on building an outdoor house for adult sulcata in Arizona

    Questions are welcome, and please post pics of the build. We all learn new things and get ideas from what other people come up with.