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  1. ShaunG

    Behavior of new arrival 6 mo old Russian

    I just received my first tortoise yesterday, a 6 month old russian tortoise. Yesterday he seemed pretty active after we unboxed him. He was a little cool, so we warmed him up in a nice soaking before putting him in his enclosure. We had some fresh greens for him, and he went straight to it and...
  2. ShaunG

    New addition to the family in VA

    @TammyJ He's temp sexed to be male, so we are hoping for a little boy, but we'll still be happy if he turns out to be a she... Now we just have to pick a name for him (her)!
  3. ShaunG

    Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven

    After doing weeks of research on forums and reading books, we decided to get a russian tortoise. We found Chris Leone with Garden State Tortoise through this forum and decided to go through him to get our first tortoise. He was very helpful in answering any questions we had, and sent us pictures...
  4. ShaunG

    New addition to the family in VA

    Hello! I've been reading through the forum for the last several weeks trying to take in all the information. We decided to get a baby Russian Tortoise and found Chris with the Garden State Tortoise through here. We just received our little 6 month old this morning. We warmed him up with a nice...