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    PVC or wood for outdoor enclosure frame

    Good morning, I’m getting ready to finally build an outdoor enclosure for my turts and torts. I’ve been debating and somewhat agonizing over this. So I’d recently built a catio with pvcs. It’s fairly sturdy in the shade. That gave me the idea to use pvc to build a frame to support the chicken...
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    Plant ID

    Hello, Found a few weed growing in my yard, does anyone know what these are? Thanks very much for your help! I’m in Southern California. I ha
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    Temperature controller

    Hello, has anyone tried this? Any thoughts on it? Thanks!
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    Pulled my boxie out from soaked soil

    Hello, I’m new but had been studying the recommendations here. I need help! It’s been raining in Southern Cal and forecasted to rain a few more days. Today I went to check on my brumating boxie. I found her buried down, but the substrate was completely soaked. I pulled her out and is soaking...