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  1. Hanami

    Ibera plastron help

    Hello! I'm still relatively new to being a tortoise owner/friend and my little girl Piper is 6 months old. On her plastron I've noticed a couple of pinky red holes? I'll attach my first plastron photo and the one I took yesterday. Is this normal?
  2. Hanami

    MVB shock

    Hello, I have a 6 month old Ibera. She's a super happy tortoise, eating well and growing great. I recently brought a infrared thermometer to check my bearded dragon temps and I used it on my tortoises table directly under the light on the soil.. it read 56 the first time and 45 not so central...
  3. Hanami

    Soil for growing edible flowers

    Hello 😁 New mom to a 5 month Ibera. From my understanding growing weeds is best done in old soil to make them more fibrous and such. But how about the edible flowers and leaves I'd like to grow? Will they grow in plain sterile top soil? Or perhaps Coco peat? I really don't want to feed my...