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  1. tejas07

    Please tell me (deworming)

    How to dewarming ? what is the process?
  2. tejas07

    Please Help Me (injury is bleeding)

    At the time of playing in soil he is injured by back side and that place is bleeding so which medicine I give to him I will share the pic of his injured part. he is not moving only sit at one place and sleep whole day
  3. tejas07

    Help Me Please (tortoise not moving much)

    Hie, The male tortoise is so weak & continuly sleeping not moving well he is not eat properly by his self he have to feed by someone
  4. tejas07

    Indian Star Tortoise

    Hi today I will took my tortoise in sunlight for 1 hour so after the romving them from there they will spliting out from mouth and back side what is the reason for thins incident what I do now let me know