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  1. treefrog010

    Exceptional Brazilians (aka cherryheads)

    I am looking for exceptional Brazilian tortoises over 5”. They must have extremely good red color on head and legs. Also, would like good marbling. Hoping to put together a world class group. Price determined by quality and size. Contact Frank @ 540)522-7418 or [email protected]
  2. treefrog010

    Brazilian (aka cherryheads)8

    I am looking for 2 adult female Brazilians with exceptional red on legs and head and have decent marbling. Willing to pay top dollar for the right animals. Frank [email protected] 540 522-7419
  3. treefrog010

    Incubation to cover or not to cover?

    Hello everyone, Has anyone experimented with whether or not to loosely covering individual clutch hatching trays? My incubator, which I made from a new drink cooler keeps the interior at perfect temp and humidity for incubating types of redfoot eggs. Is there any benefit to loosely covering...
  4. treefrog010

    Site not allowing me to pay for platinum membership

    Trying to get platinum membership however, using card instead of PayPal but site is telling me to go through PayPal. Frank [email protected]
  5. treefrog010

    In search of adult female Brazilians

    Hello everyone, I am in need of 2 additional female Brazilians. I really need them to have exceptional red on head and legs. Some Marbling would be nice. I have begged AllegraF to sell some of hers( fat chance) or help me find some like hers. I have some very nice pens and a Brazilian group...
  6. treefrog010

    In need of adult female Brazilians

    Hello, everyone, I have been searching for 2 adult female Brazilians for some time now. I really need exceptional red on face and legs and some marbling would be nice. I have begged allegraF for hers(fat chance) or some help finding specimens like hers. Paying top dollar for the right animals...
  7. treefrog010

    to all Florida and Texas friends, members and their animals.

    I am praying that all the TFO members, friends and their animals made it through the bad storms with minimal damage and stress. Frank Dombrowski treefrog01 virginia
  8. treefrog010


    Hello, have been off the site for a long time. I have been trying to get in touch with JD but he does not answer calls or e-mails. Anyone know what Is up with him? I have 2) 13 inch Het Hypo females and some smaller hypos that came from him and a het hypo that also came from him. looking for...
  9. treefrog010

    wanted; cherryhead or bolivian redfoots

    I have a beautiful outdoor setup 30' x 60' pens. 4 of them. All with heated 4X 6 styro heated boxes for temp drops. Looking for cherryhead rfs either sex. Or bolivian rfs, either sex. Prices according to color and cond. Of shell. Please, must be over 7 inches. Frank 540 522 7419 or...
  10. treefrog010

    freeze damage

    I live in virginia. I have been breeding torts here for over 35 yrs. I built my 9 redfoot breeders an outside 4x8 box that keeps the temp inside 37 degrees above outside temps. This time of year we average 54. Today was 42 for a high. Somehow they managed to break the hold on the 3 inch wide...
  11. treefrog010

    possible bacterial infection?

    Anyone have valid ideas on which to test first...The tortoise or the egg??? I have 9 clutches of redfoot eggs in incubator at present 7 clutches doing fine from 3 females ( all guyanan) however, I have a dwarf cherryhead pair, female 9.25 inch and male 6.75 inch. First year breeding for both...
  12. treefrog010

    tortoise wanted

    I am looking to rebuild my groups of Leopard torts ( both babcockii and pardalis) and redfoots ( both cherryhead and normals) good money paid for good specimens . Frank 540 522 7419