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  1. drgnfly2265

    Enjoying a walk

    I got a wagon to make it easier when I take Bowser with me to places, and it works great! Recently took him to the local craft festival and walked around with him. Other people had babies in their strollers and I had a tortoise, lol! In February, Bowser will be with us when we attend a walk...
  2. drgnfly2265

    Bowser's Facebook page!

    Follow Bowser the Sulcata tortoise on Facebook! See all of the pics and videos of him growing up and going on adventures! :tort::tort::tort:
  3. drgnfly2265

    Been a while! Update on Bowser with pics!

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on! Just wanted to say "hi" and show off some pics of Bowser and how much he has grown. He is 8 years old already! And as some of you might remember, I've had him since he was a week old. I have had a lot of help from this forum the first...
  4. drgnfly2265

    Bowser update pic

    Just wanted to share an update pic of Bowser that I took today. I haven't had a lot of time to be on the forum lately, I've been a busy bee, lol.
  5. drgnfly2265

    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    I went to the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Daytona beach yesterday and had a great time! I also got a new critter!!! Plus, of course, I took a lot of pics and here they are :D This picture doesn't show the amazing colors that this uro had... Hatching baby...
  6. drgnfly2265

    Happy hatchday Bowser!

    I wanted to say happy 5th hatchday to my BOY (LOL) Bowser :D Here's a pic from the day I got him... His first visit outside exploring... And the pictures I took today on his 5th hatchday! I wanted to hold him in my hand like I did with his baby picture but he is heavy and it wasn't...
  7. drgnfly2265

    Oh my glob, I think she is a he! (pics!)

    First I want to say warning if the pics are a little graphic. I think they show a male part, lol :P Hello everyone! I need your help. I was about to give Bowser a bath to get her(?) a little clean for her trip to a store tomorrow. I picked her up and held her for a couple of seconds because...
  8. drgnfly2265

    Bowser loves aloe! (short video)

    Here's a little video that I took of Bowser eating some aloe. I think she like it, lol. Hope you enjoyed :cool:
  9. drgnfly2265

    Torts in the news!

    Here's an interesting Yahoo article:D
  10. drgnfly2265

    World Turtle Day!

    Just wanted to say Happy World Turtle Day everyone :tort::tort::tort: And I thought I would post a pic of Bowser, lol :D
  11. drgnfly2265

    Pics from the reptile show! (very pic heavy, lol)

    Ta-dah! I have brought you all pics! Just got home from the Orlando repticon and got the pics up here for you all to see. It was a great show! They had a lot of everything it seemed and I tried to get the best pics that I could (check out the last pic of my beardies new friend, lol). Enjoy! A...
  12. drgnfly2265

    Enjoying the sun (pics)

    Haven't posted some pics of Bowser in a while so here are some of her enjoying her sunny day :cool: Got a pic of her when she blinked Not sure what this weed is but she loves it! It's been her favorite since the was a hatchling. If anyone knows what it is please let me know! I...
  13. drgnfly2265

    We need your help to support Yaddle!

    Hello everyone, Yaddle needs your help. Yaddle got her picture taken at the small animal day at Petco yesterday and now we are trying to get the most "LIKES" on her picture. This is where you go to to find her picture --->!/events/307136239352329/ <---...
  14. drgnfly2265

    Her new favorite!

    Well it got really cold here in Florida so Bowser had to come inside for a couple of days and I decided to give her a yummy treat for putting up with being couped up inside. Her new favorite food is yellow squash. Last time she had some squash I recorded a video of it, but she only ate almost...
  15. drgnfly2265

    Do you like Star Wars?

    Hello everyone! Me and my friends are playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and I made a Facebook page for our guild! :D!/pages/Fanboys-Guild/299495083403316 I wasn't sure if anyone on here is interested in...
  16. drgnfly2265

    Wood shavings

    A friend of mine at work builds a lot of stuff at work and told me that they have wood shavings left over if I want to use them for Bowser. I'm trying to figure out if they will be safe for her. I currently use cypress mulch mix and I love it. But if I can get the shavings and use it as bedding...
  17. drgnfly2265

    Star Wars: The Old Republic!

    I'm just wondering if anyone here is going to play The Old Republic. I can't wait for it to start! I have pre-ordered the game for me and my hubby and now there's only a month left till the launch :D We are starting a guild now and I was wondering if anyone wanted to join. The guild is called...
  18. drgnfly2265

    What noise did she just make? (video)

    I was recording Bowser eating some yellow squash and she made a loud weird noise. I recorded a video of her a while ago and shown it to you all on here last time and the conclusion was a burp. This time it was really really loud. I'm thinking a burp still but I could be wrong, lol. It happens...
  19. drgnfly2265

    Halloween (pics)

    Here are some pics from halloween. I know I posted the video, but I had to show some pics too and there are some here of Yaddle, my beardie. These were the first costumes that I have ever sowed, lol. I love the look that she is giving me in this pic, lol :P And here is...
  20. drgnfly2265

    Bowser's halloween costume (video)

    Here is a video showing Bowser walking around in her halloween costume! This was the first costume that I have ever sowed, well the first time that I have sowed at all, lol. I am taking her and one of my beardies to Petco for their halloween costume contest. Wish us luck :D Here's the link...