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    Box Turtles Wanted

    I’m not sure, I’ll have to do so research. I do have family up there. And box turtles have been pets in my family for a while
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    Adult eastern box turtle

    Would you be willing to ship her? I have worked with box turtles for over 9 years and would love to adopt your beautiful baby!
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    Box Turtles Wanted

    I have owned, bred, rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed North American Box Turtles for over 9 years. I am currently looking for any adoptions, surrenders, or rescues available. Please contact me with any questions or leads at my email: [email protected]
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    found in backyard ! Help

    that is a female desert box turtle, very reclusive species
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    Urgently need to rehome 5 box turtles!!!

    I have rescued, rehabilitated, rehomed, bred, and owned Box Turtles for over 9 years. I would love to adopt your turtles! please contact me with the details or any questions!