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    Venomous snakes and tortoises

    Plenty of snakes eat other snakes or lizards, but I've never heard of a snake eating a tortoise or turtle. It might happen, but it will be rare.
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    Jackson’s ratio

    If yours hasn't hibernated before, I wouldn't go back to a full lenght hibernation straight away. It's the nature of a Russian tortoise to hibernate, it's healthy, but you don't want to do it because it makes you nervous? Isn't that an odd reasoning in some respect?
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    Can you identify Eastern, Western or Dalmatian?

    The middle tortoise in the last picture looks like a Kinixys to me, which needs a completely different care and has a different diet.
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    Tortoise, Hybrids, Genetics, and Such

    I'd be very interested in a source which claims and shows rhinos with no horns. You see in elephant populations that under poaching pressure the proportion of elephants without tusks increases, but that hasn't so much to do with evolution, but more with them not being shot, so their share of the...
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    Tortoise, Hybrids, Genetics, and Such

    If you apply the biological definition that if 2 animals can produce fertile offspring, then yes. But most species would hold up under multiple species definitions, and these wouldn't. Then, there is also the good practice of keeping populations pure, and these two rarely, if ever, cross-breed...
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    Tortoise, Hybrids, Genetics, and Such

    Not necessarily so. That species in the same genus can interbreed, but not produce fertile offspring, and species in different genera can't interbreed, is not how species and genera defined by most species concepts. There are several different species concepts, and none manages to capture all...
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    My tortoise 😃

    Since you live in the UAE, do you have the possibility to keep it outside? Save from cats, rats and birds, and with shady spots and sun. And plenty places to hide, preferably vegetation, which keeps the humidity higher.
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    15lb Sulcata in burrow for 24 hours --- when should I worry / dig out

    That makes sense, the micro-climate in their niche is different from the meteorological data. I guess that also answers the question of the topic starter. No need to worry if they spend a day or so under ground.
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    15lb Sulcata in burrow for 24 hours --- when should I worry / dig out

    They occur in Zakouma National Park in Sudan. In January, the coldest month the high there is around 86, the low around 63, in June, the hottest month it;s 82-106. In burrows, where they likely spent quite a bit of time in the colder months (December-January) it will probably be a bit warmer...
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    Importing a pet turtle after living in Africa

    I don't know currently who would deal with it. Maybe try the 'Zambian snakes and other crawlies' facebook group?
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    4x8 enclosure what would be happy in something that size?

    I've seen kleinmanni's being kept successfully in a tank of that size.
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    Bye Bye WELLS FARGO bank!!

    Who still uses checks? Haven't seen one east of Atlantic in decades. Even in Africa I rarely used them, and that was over a decade ago.
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    Importing a pet turtle after living in Africa

    Just to add. They are protected in Zambia, if you want to keep it in Zambia, you need to get a permit from DNPW in Chilanga. They are taking their wildlife laws seriously. Yes there is poaching, but there are also strict laws, and high convictions rates when caught.
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    Minimum size for female Western hermann's tortoise?

    No European tortoise should be 10 inch by 3 or 4 years, western hermann's mature at smaller sizes, and they shouldn't reach maturity at that young ages, and maturity in tortoise is largely related to size. In reference to them rarely growing to 10 inches (and males never), you write: "Actually...
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    Minimum size for female Western hermann's tortoise?

    You wrote: I read that as you mean that after 3 or 4 years they should be 10 inches or close to it, yet Western Hermann's usually only get 5 or 6 inches, males even smaller. And they don't reach that after 3 or 4 years, tortoises don't mature that quickly.
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    Minimum size for female Western hermann's tortoise?

    3 years and 10 inches for a Western Hermann's? Most never even get that big, and certainly not males.
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    Who are the famous people you've met?

    David Attenborough.
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    Importing a pet turtle after living in Africa

    They are native there, put it in the bush far away from the village. That's the best thing you can do.
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    Sulcata egg tooth still after 3 months?

    If you start them under the best circumstances, they grow really fast. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that if they're started under other circumstances that they are unhealthy. It just means they haven't received the optimal possible care (which one can argue they should receive in...
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    So, I did a thing, tested popular commercial foods for pesticide content.

    So levels were very low, that's good to hear. I haven't tested what I feed. I feed a mix of self-grown (in season, lengthened with the aid of a greenhouse), human food produce, and picked in fields (I avoid fields or areas near them which are used for crops).