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    Hey!! No I don't think you are paranoid... crusher seems to be doing the same. In warmer months and days he was out early and down around 4-5 in the evening but now with this cooler weather also here he's been in and out until 9ish. The first time I noticed in I also thought what's wrong. But I...
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    Hello and welcome :)
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    1st scary :s

    Haha wow glad he was there :) how are your other two torts doing?
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    Well I'll know what to look for as he grows :D . As for right now tom we have guessed his age to be 1-2 yrs :) very tiny tort lol..
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    R I

    Lol :D glad ya found him. What a weird place to climb hehe
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    I checked his temps and on the stones for basking its 95° down below is 84° and on other end where water and food is 79° I think they are o He is burrowed in the corner where it is 84 not even in his hide for the first time for night.. Ascott: yes he was walking towards the...
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    So today my tort is sleepy.. I had he out and walking for over an hour he's peed and pooped today but when it comes to eating just little nibbles. Can this be due to how much and how late his last food was yesterday? This is him today he looks good to me just not big eater today :(...
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    poop ?

    Thank you all for help :) he pooped today so I'm happy about that :D
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    Where's Joe?

    That's awesome! I didn't see him at all hehe
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    poop ?

    OK yeah I soak him twice a day for no less then 20 minutes usually I try for 40 if he will go for it :) mornings are not so bad as I took ur soaking advice so he warms up in the water sleeping lounging for up to 1 he. He still eats normal. I've also been giving him once a week those pellets we...
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    poop ?

    I was just wondering how often my Russian tort should poop. For the past 3 weeks he has went everyday sometimes 2-3 times. Yesterday he went once and today o have not noticed one! Is this normal or is something wrong? The only major difference is the stones I added in his enclosure , and I...
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    stones vs tort :D

    :D awe now that's a great video! :D So far its good he doesn't get stuck or try something for to long. Let's hope he's figured it out for the most part. I have added a stone on other side to go down that's where he can get climbing onto the hide lol.. now he's napping with his head in his...
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    stones vs tort :D

    Good to know :) thanks was just worrying he was going to get hurt badly... .he loves to climb and loves to bask on the top stone under his light... :D I noticed much more active with stones to climb and bask on. He sleeps but only 30 minutes to an hour then.back at it again. Yay I seen him...
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    stones vs tort :D

    What about if he gets a little scratch on his belly? Like when u scratch ur arm and there's little mark. Will that be OK? Since I have moved his water to add stones he seems tempted to try his water I always catch him with front feet in then he backs out. Also he now realized that from...
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    Sad news

    Sorry to hear about your loss!
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    stones vs tort :D

    So I should take them out? And yes emysemy my tort I about 1-2 years old :D I have been told and read that I should have some stones for him to climb across and on so he isn't bored and it is good exercise also.. [hr] Thanks hun :) no the water dish is on other side. First time he went face...
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    stones vs tort :D

    Hi. I just added some stones well flat stone and piled them where he has to climb.up them so he can sit and.bask on top. The instead of walking back down the one side he looks over and thing hmm I can jump from here lol so I see his head leaning over the ledge and I think to myself...
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    how am i looking :)

    Thank you :) to you.Maggie and Yoda :) all of you gave me wonderful helpful advice and quick... So again I thank you all and cannot wait for opportunities hehe :D
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    Is this normal?

    Hi from what I have read it seems to be normal specially in young torts. My tort sleeps from about 5-6 until the next.morning .. Hope someone with more experience comes.along soon with
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    solid urate!!! help

    Thank you :D I added pics yesterday in the photo section under how am I looking ... u should have a look there.. thanks again for all the amazing advice and help!!