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    Box turtle basics

    Sv: Box turtle basics Sounds like the diet is one of the main things to improve but it also sounds like you allready know that. The key to a happy healthy box turtle is a good varied diet with both meaty and green food in it.
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    Sv: ALDABRA TORTOISE BREEDER How much opuntia does the adults eat per day? Getting more and more tempted but would have to setup the food supply first. (I know they need other things as well:-))
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    box turtle

    Sv: box turtle Congrats. I am sure you will come to love it. The first thing you should do is to figure out which species of boxturtle you got. They have similar but not identical needs so it is good to know. If you post a pic i am sure we can help ypu with that. Once you know the species...
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    Sv: ALDABRA TORTOISE BREEDER Stopp tempting meee!!! :-)
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    Waterland Tub Box turtle enclosure

    Sv: Waterland Tub Box turtle enclosure Looks great. Cant wait to see what you do with the outdoor pen
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    Box turtle with RFT?

    The biggest question I would say is how the pen has been setup. It is possible to setup a pen so that they do not bother eachother too much by breaking the line of site and making sure there are lot of hiding places. If the pen is setup properly I do not think it will be a problem to keep your...
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    Turtles to be killed due to overcrowding at rescue centre

    Dont forget that saying that he has to kill turtles is a great way to get more money donated to his fundraiser that they conviniently starts to expand capacity when this article was written. If they were responsible they would have started that foundraiser before they ran out of space but of...
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    Winter Wonderland in Florida

    Actually. This cold streak can be great for the wildlife if Florida. It might wipe out large parts of the populations of several invasive tropical species giving the native species a chance to recouperate.
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    Cricket hunt!

    Well. Turtles aren't really know to be fast animals. They really need to be ambush hunters! But yes, it can take a while for them to learn the right strategy ;-)
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    Water lover

    Sv: Water lover It is very individual. Some will love water others will prefer dry land. Just like humans
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    Getting some sunshine.

    Sv: Getting some sunshine. Looking great. We all need to catch some rays now and again
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    New rescue from terrible pet shop (pics)

    Allways happy to see a boxturtle get a nice home.!
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    I am sure Aldabraman can answer this question better than I can but it is really hard to say how big area they need for grazing without a lot more information. A piece of land in one area will produce a lot more grass and greens than one in another area. It would in other words depend on...
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    To All....

    RE: Happy new year everyone. Happy prosperous new year everyone!
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    Ornate wood turtle experience?

    I have a lot of experince with them. I have a large breedding colony that is kept outdoors. They are to a very large extent land dwelling but enjoy having shallow water holes to soak in. They are hardy and easy to care for. They are mainly active during the the rainy season. During the dry...
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    I looked just like that after christmas dinner ;-)
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    Tortoise Cafe

    Good to hear that you got the food and good of you to post and set everything straight as soon as you got it. Things can allways get delayed during the holiday season.
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    box turtle water filtration-Team Gomberg/anyone else!

    Team Gomberg suggestion is a very good solution and virtually identically to the type of solution I would choose in this situation. The only difference is that I would suggest that you rinse the water section with fresh water to get all the crud out before you close the tub valve and fill it up...
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    Itty bitty

    Let me know how it works out for you. Hopefully it will help but you really never know.
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    Hatchling update! (Pictures)

    Did you see that the three toed has been suggested to be a true species (suggested name T. Mexicana) ? Read more on: