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  1. Instinct

    Meet Eva!

    As some of you know, I work at PetSmart. We get many calls and people coming in asking if we could take their unwanted pets off their hands. Unfortunately, due to company policy, we cannot take animals from outside sources so I usually have to direct the customers to family owned pet stores...
  2. Instinct

    New sulcata owner from FL

    Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum! Does your little one have a name? =)
  3. Instinct

    Spumoni the Sulcata (New Sulcata owner from IL)

    Hi there, welcome to the forum! :) Spu is adorable. :<3:
  4. Instinct

    I'm new! And have a shell and poop question.

    Welcome to the forum! :) Your tortoise is stunning. Her shell looks to be in good condition to me.
  5. Instinct

    New member

    Welcome to the forum! :) Deni is a lovely tort. Her bunny friend is also quite adorable.
  6. Instinct

    Ode to Tortoise!

    Welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place. Tucker is a very cute tortoise! :)
  7. Instinct


    Welcome to the forum! :) Mrs. Tiddles is a lovely tort. Have fun with her.
  8. Instinct

    Greek name Polo

    Welcome to the forum Ike! :) I am sure you will soon discover, if you haven't already, that Greeks are fabulous tortoises. :)
  9. Instinct

    Need help rehabilitating pet shop rescue Russian Tortoise...

    Welcome to the forum! Borislava is an adorable little tort. I thank you immensely for rescuing her. I am positive she will thrive under your care. :)
  10. Instinct

    Hey guys!

    Welcome to the forum! Humphrey is a handsome little red foot, have fun with him! :)
  11. Instinct

    Happy to find this board.

    Welcome to the forum! As the other members mentioned, that is not a wild tortoise so please don't release it back into the wild. Tortoises can be quite the escape artists and can move quite fast when they want to! I'm guessing someone lost their little friend. Were you planning on keeping the...
  12. Instinct

    Petsmart Animal Cruelty ***WARNING*** maybe be disturbing

    I'm a currently employee at PetSmart and ever since I started there (in 2012) they already stopped using Rainbow as a vendor. I can't speak for Petco as I do not know who their supplier is. I do know that our reptiles come from "Reptiles by Mack". They always look to be in pretty decent...
  13. Instinct

    Hey everyone!

    Hello Mark, welcome to the forum! :) Looks like a three-toed to me as well.
  14. Instinct

    New Cherry For One Of Our Members

    Absolutely stunning!
  15. Instinct

    A little scare with Beans.

    Aww, I'm glad little Beans is okay! I've had that experience with my Greek. Had a full blown panic attack for a few days until I realized he was absolutely fine. :D
  16. Instinct

    Tortoise Forum T-Shirt

    Oh, I would definitely buy one! Or maybe a few...
  17. Instinct

    Hello everyone

    Hello Noah, welcome to the forum! Do you own any turtles and or tortoises? We'd love to see photos if you do. :)
  18. Instinct

    Introducing Izzy and her mama Whitney!

    Hello Whitney, welcome to the forum! Izzy is absolutely adorable. Russians are such comical little torts.
  19. Instinct


    Welcome to the forum! I'm a fellow Greek owner, they are amazing torts! If you go here, it will give you a lot of information on the care of Greeks.
  20. Instinct

    New to the forum!

    Hello Samantha, welcome to the forum! Thor is absolutely adorable. I just love the Russian torts.