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  1. Romeyrider

    Water Dish

    I have a 3 year old Sulcata (though he is a little on the small side) and he insists on keeping substrate in his water dish. I have tried multiple substrates and he is on sand right now. He lives in a stock tank. The water dish he has right now has a little ramp up and then a ramp down to the...
  2. Romeyrider

    First Time To Forum

    The pictures you all have been wanting. The first one is of course Bulldozer, then there is Indivar, Yuki, Safara, Bleck, and Raya. Oh and then theres my little brothers bearded dragon Steve.
  3. Romeyrider

    First Time To Forum

    Thank you everyone! I will put some pictures up of everyone as soon as I get a chance!
  4. Romeyrider

    Healthy Sully Weight, and smaller questions? (also picture updates!)

    My Sulcata is also small for his age. Any tips?
  5. Romeyrider

    First Time To Forum

    I have owned my Sulcata Tortoise, Bulldozer, for 3 years now (I got him from a reptile store when he was a hatchling). I am new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am on a Sand Boa forum and a Blue Tongue Skink forum. I thought it was about time I joined a tortoise forum!