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  1. Wendy Proulx

    Male Redfoot for Adoption

    Do you still have him? Do you have pictures if so?
  2. Wendy Proulx

    2019 Calendar - in person

    Wow. Maybe by the next contest we will get ours. I just figured mine got lost never to be found.
  3. Wendy Proulx

    2019 Calendar - in person

    Thanks for posting the calendar. Never received mine this year after contacting Josh twice about it. Nice to see my little tort on the back page. I’ll have to figure out how to print it from here. Hopefully the forum can use the money from my calendar as a donation. All are beautiful torts.
  4. Wendy Proulx

    Weight of baby Redfoot

    I have a baby Redfoot that is about 9 months old now. He has been doing pretty well until recently. He eats after his soaks every morning and I weigh him weekly. I noticed that he really hasn’t gained weight in about a mouth, hasn’t lost, but just not getting any bigger. He hovers right around...
  5. Wendy Proulx

    Bad pyramided tortoises on craiglist

    It’s crazy. Until learning from all of you, growing up I thought that was what a tortoise was suppose to look like.
  6. Wendy Proulx


    I have not received my still. How can I check the status of it?
  7. Wendy Proulx

    Pill Bugs

    Sorry everyone. I am trying to post another link to them. Not sure why it’s not working because I shared the link when I created the post. 35 Pill Bugs-Live Isopods
  8. Wendy Proulx

    Pill Bugs

    I have posted another selling of my pill bugs for you all that inquired about them last time. Here is a link
  9. Wendy Proulx

    New owner (Check Out My Enclosure)

    Anyone worried about the small rocks in the enclosure?
  10. Wendy Proulx

    Climbing the sides

    My Redfoot has started to worry me and seems to be trying climb out of the enclosure. I’m afraid he is gonna flip over and not be able to right himself again. Any thought on why this is happening? I have been trying to take him out in his excerise enclosure more often to try to tire him out. His...
  11. Wendy Proulx

    Merry Christmas all

    I tortured all my pets today for a Christmas photo. Enjoy
  12. Wendy Proulx


    We just got orders for June to move from VA to Key West. Supper excited and glad that my 3 little ones will be back in an environment that supports them year round. I have questions thou on the best way to move them. We will probably be breaking the trip up into two days, so we will have to...
  13. Wendy Proulx

    Fruit flies and other bugs in my enclosure

    Look at this on eBay 35 Pill Bugs-Live Isopods
  14. Wendy Proulx

    Red foot tortoises on Long Island need a new home

    Do you have any pictures?
  15. Wendy Proulx

    What should I feed my new baby Yellowfoot?

    He’s gorgeous!! Where did you get him from? If you already have Cherry Heads, then continue the same environment and diet as them. He can eat perfectly fine without having to make pieces too small. I cut some pieces small with my babies because otherwise they will pick out what they like in...
  16. Wendy Proulx


    I use a boiled egg with the shell on
  17. Wendy Proulx

    Huge thank you

    Yes, our Yellowfoot is just over a year old and our Redfoot and Cherry Head are each about 6 months old. Love our little tortoise family.
  18. Wendy Proulx

    Huge thank you

    I just want to take a moment and thank all of you this on this forum. I came on here a little over a year ago not knowing anything. I have learned so much and have 3 beautiful tortoises because of you all. Thank you so much. Your help will never be forgotten.
  19. Wendy Proulx

    Professor Einstein Burrows.... (photo heavy!)

    These are great pics!!