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  1. BodaTort1

    Houston Zoo (pic heavy)

    GregT- your welcome. And the baby Leos are doing awesome and Yu-Me is now 250gm! Such a big boy :) Mike - We are new to Texas so this was my 1st trip to the zoo. I will definetly look up Lufkin and go. I love zoos! Thanks for the recommendation :D
  2. BodaTort1

    Houston Zoo (pic heavy)

    This is in downtown Houston across from the med center. It was a gorgeous day for the zoo with temps in the mid 70s and all the animals outside enjoying the sun. When you go..try first thing in the morning before the crowds arrive around 11.
  3. BodaTort1

    Houston Zoo (pic heavy)

    My perfect husband surprised me with a trip to the zoo for Valentine's Day to see the tortoises, oh yea and the other animals!
  4. BodaTort1

    It is going to be a busy weekend in North Texas!

    I am in east Houston and it has been beautiful today. My Sulcatas, Redfoots and Russians have all come outside today and laid in the sun and wandered their yards. I expect the boxes and Leopards will come out tomorrow and this weekend when it hits the upper 70s. Even I took my coffee outside...
  5. BodaTort1

    Show us your Leopards!

    My 5 Leopards Speedbump, Yu-Me, Batman, Indie and Ohana Greg T the 2nd pic are your babies. YuMe is now 250grams!
  6. BodaTort1

    My Crested Geckos

    Thanks Mike... I love these geckos because of their eyes as well. They are so social and always up to some hilarious antics.
  7. BodaTort1

    Mazuri Time

    I have been out of Mazuri for last couple weeks and finally got to the feed store today... my tortoises absolutely love the stuff!
  8. BodaTort1

    My Crested Geckos

    My 3 Crested Geckos during cricket feeding time. My geckos are siblings and about 8 months old.
  9. BodaTort1

    My tortoise Pedro

    Hello Yellow foot Queen, Welcome to the forum from Houston. Pedro is a beauty and you should be very proud of the job you have done with her. Amazing.. All I could say when I saw her pics was WOW!
  10. BodaTort1

    What is this sound? (Short video)

    I have 2 Sulcatas that love to "chatter", and I have a RF that whistles to the other RFs or torts in the other pens. I haven't heard the baby Leos making any noise but will definitely be on the lookout now. Batman the Leo I got from GregT LOVES to climb everything and anything. I finally...
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    Super Bowl Sunday!

    Go Seahawks!!! Born and raised in Seattle- 12th man for life!
  12. BodaTort1

    Looking for a home for two injured Sullies in AZ

    Hi I sent you a PM regarding being able to help, but it is keeps saying it hasn't sent it????? So if you don't get my message please let me know and I can email you instead ~Cari
  13. BodaTort1

    Caught in the act...

    Looks Bengal-ish. I have Bengals and I wouldn't trust them for a skinny minute with the torts, big or little. --Nope Charlie is your typical Tabby. And she loves sleeping with the 50lb Sulcatas. These 2 are my 14lb girls and their size is the reason they had to come inside when it dropped to...
  14. BodaTort1

    Hello from Houston

    So funny small world-- there are several members from Kingwood... I actually am in Atascocita in the Walden subdivision.
  15. BodaTort1

    Caught in the act...

    Gotta love cats.. They always find the warm spots. Here is mine from last year after it got down to freezing one night and I had to bring them inside. I typically find her sleeping in the warm torty houses outside with them.
  16. BodaTort1

    Hello from Houston

    Hi and Welcome from Humble, east of Houston. :-)
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    What gorgeous explosions of color!! And I totally agree with Tom!
  18. BodaTort1

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Yvonne -- I am laughing picturing your DT trying to slurp down spaghetti noodles!!! Thank you for that image I needed it today :-)
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    Hi Greg.. Everyone looks great! So happy to see Hopie getting growth lines. He is so amazing. Question for you.. How much food does one adult eat in a day you think? I am hoping to one day soon buy a baby from you. Hopefully real soon :-)