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    Impressed Tortoise !

    It depends where you live. Are they available domestically? What are the laws on reptile importation where you live?
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    Laotian Manouria Impressa

    Hi, Mushrooms - daily. Mainly Oyster but sometimes other varieties when they are available. They seem to prefer Oyster Mushrooms. Mine have also learnt to eat carrot (grated or cooked), pumpkin (cooked), cucumber, banana, papaya, cantalope, pumpkin vine (a favourite of one them) and boiled...
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    Elongated nesting site

    Hi Huck, Dirt and leaves. Mine will just start excavating a hole, but sometimes there are a few false attempts. It can be done in hours or sometimes days. Good luck! Scruffy
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    Laotian Manouria Impressa

    Well done of raising the eggs. Thanks for the offer but I have a simple incubator setup myself which relies on the outside ambient temperature. My Impressa have never produced eggs for me (that I know of, it is possible that some escaped me in the garden) but my Elongated have reproduced. I also...
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    Elongated Breeding Size

    Hi Huck, It sure is possible and funny, albeit too aggressive at times.. My little guy is almost half the size of my biggest female. Yet, they have successfully reproduced. Cheers Scruffy
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    Little surprises

    Hi, This species are Elongated which are the cousins of Forstens and I live in their local range which is tropical. They will have no problem with the heat as long as they have shade and access to water. The weather this year has been unusally extreme, from an extreme cold spell where night...
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    Little surprises

    There aren't many birds around as they have been expropriated, but there are legions of cats. The two little Elongateds are setup in a box inside and are both eating well. I am building a better little habitat for them this weekend.
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    Little surprises

    Last week, I found a little surprise in the garden. It was looking at me, just as I was leaving for work. Needless to say, I was late to work that day. After I had left, my wife found two more little eyes in the garden.
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    Hi, I live in their natural range and my Elongated have survived heat waves above 40 degrees celsisus. They need lots of shade and access to water. It is good to think about if they are in an area surrounded by concrete of plastic, you need to shade/reflect heat off those areas. Some parts of...
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    HELP. My forsten's tortoise sleep a lot

    During cold snaps in the weather, my Elongateds become less active. My male stayed in his burrow for over two months earlier this year. He is eating normally again now. I wonder what else you feed her? Cheers Scruff
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    Lao Market Species identification

    You did the right thing, but now you have the responsbility of caring for her. How is that going? Have you got her setup? Cheers Scruff
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    Lao Market Species identification

    Yep, I was sure it was an elongated.
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    Lao Market Species identification

    Hi Danou, Great, how long have you had her? How did you get her? Hope she is doing well. Cheers Scruffy
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    There has been a big cold wave across East Asia, it has been snowing in the mountains of tropical Laos and Vietnam! I fear for the turtles/tortoises in the country side. Where I live night time temps have been less than ten degrees celsius. My elongated male had already chosen to hibernate in...
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    It can be more than 30 degrees C during the day time and has consistently been around that temp in the afternoon this 'winter'. Also, the temp spikes in the hotter time of year can be more than 40 degrees. The torts can handle it, so long as they have shade and access to water.
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    They do seek out shelter, but its not different from the normal places they like to hide. The humidity is low generally until April, although parts of my garden are still reasonable humid because of watering. They don't seem to have a preference of choosing a humid area or a dry area. My young...
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    It is 'winter' in mainland south east asia at the moment (albeit an unsually warm winter). Sometimes in their range the temperature can drop to around 5 degrees at night. My Elongated and Manouria seem to become less active as it gets colder, but they don't seem botthered. I find they just are...
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    Hello from Cebu, Philippines

    Hi Malintang, Nice baby tort, but why not try to raise some of the native species to Phillippines which are endangered? Cheers Donald
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    What's the most difficult tortoise to look after?

    I read a lot of the Manouria Impressa horror stories, but found the species to be very hardy. I live in their range, although not at their preferred altitude. I have access to a lot of their natural diet, because its sold in the local markets. Specifically, a range of local mushrooms which are...
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    I've got a Climber

    Hi, Looks like he seen a big mushroom further up that tree! Cheers Scruff