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  1. Emily Contreras

    some progress on saturn

    Hes super picky i tried but if i take out something and replace it he wont eat it.. i hate how smart they are :(
  2. Emily Contreras

    some progress on saturn

    So my baby tortoise, is growing but slowly, which is normal for a tortoise, i think.. Hes gets soaked once a day for 30 minutes in luke warm water. He hates it. He eats like CRAZY! We feed him lots of dandelions, prickly pear cactus, and even the fruit sometimes, when we forget to soak him (...
  3. Emily Contreras

    Forgot (Tortoise left without food and water)

    I went away for a while and was paying my neighbor to watch my animals while I was gone. I have a lot of animals but she forgot to feed and give my tortoise water. I was gone for atleast 1 week and he didnt eat or drink. Im really worried. He doesn't seem like hes acting unusual. But I still worry.
  4. Emily Contreras


    I decided to change my tortoises diet to weeds>store bought. And man. That stuff is so weird my baby tortoises mouth is stained green from all of the food he eats. :D
  5. Emily Contreras


    Omg something like that happend to me too. I was working on my hedgehogs enclosure. I got done. Then my house smelled really gross. So I went and saw my little brother left my heat lamp on the carpeted floor. It melted my floor alot now I have a big ol hole in my carpet.. luckily baby tortoise...
  6. Emily Contreras

    New sulcata

    It makes perfect sense. They just don't work together. Its not good for them because bullying happens. Don't risk it. Trust me.. I did and one of them got sick. And I had to rehome it.
  7. Emily Contreras

    New babies

    wow what a pretty enclosure!
  8. Emily Contreras


    I feel mine a nice lil mix It looks like a small iceplant
  9. Emily Contreras


    I have a bunch of succulents that I keep as pets (lol don't judge :rolleyes:) sometimes their lil uh.. branch things? Fall off and they feel like little gummy worms.. can I feel my tortoise those? I am not sure what they are. All I know is that they are succulents..
  10. Emily Contreras

    Dry/cracked Baby Sulcata face...

    That enclosure looks kind of dry but idk
  11. Emily Contreras

    work is done; now back to the fun....glad to be back.

    thats cool! Can I see pics :D
  12. Emily Contreras

    Baby Sulcatas not eating much

    try giving it something else. I noticed that my baby (who LOVED hibiscus leaves, like, HE WOULDN'T EAT ANYTHING ELSE. LIKE SHOOT! MY PROFILE PICTURE IS A PIC OF HIM EATING HIBISCUS LEAVES :D:rolleyes:) slowly got sick of it. Like when you eat unhealthy, then suddenly want to eat healthy again...
  13. Emily Contreras

    Trying to id this tortoise

    That is a sulcata. Its shell looks like its split! You should take it to a vet
  14. Emily Contreras

    Found baby Sulcata in yard, help?

    Thats a sulcata! Cutie. It looks like his shell is split... He also has pyramiding. You should totally bring it in.
  15. Emily Contreras

    what (in other words, the Hootchy Cootcy Dance!)

  16. Emily Contreras

    Found baby Sulcata in yard, help?

    thats a big one! you should take it in! it looks miserable.
  17. Emily Contreras

    Found baby Sulcata in yard, help?

    if you see it get a pic
  18. Emily Contreras

    what (in other words, the Hootchy Cootcy Dance!)

    I named this "what" because that was my reaction to this. I always soak saturn everyday for 30 minutes or more in warm water. I always give him a lil shell scratch too, (on the top) I scratched above his tail and he started wiggling (like almost looked like he was shaking his butt) what is...
  19. Emily Contreras

    Sulcata coloring

    I think u should just love them for their adorb lil personalities. Not their colors. Mine has VERY thin lines, when we first got him now his lines are huge and DARK. I think it just goes with age. I dont think you can really predict it.
  20. Emily Contreras

    Water temp Q's....?

    Heat pads are kinda bad. You should use a che and a low watt flood bulb!