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  1. sonykurniawan

    Introducing a new family member :)

    The green carpet, water bowl and mini elephant grass give the clue... Good job buddy
  2. sonykurniawan

    New aldabra

    Your aldabra is so smooth.. Very nice shape. Enjoy your every moment with her/him as they really grow fast
  3. sonykurniawan

    Introducing a new family member :)

    Awesome looking radiateds.. Do you happen to be from Indonesia?
  4. sonykurniawan

    Buddy takes a whirlpool

    Any new updated pics for buddy? It has been a while now lol
  5. sonykurniawan

    My Aldabra from china

    I believe there are many aldabra keepers dont really have that space when their aldabras grow big.. So sad
  6. sonykurniawan

    My new rad....

    Very beautiful indeed..
  7. sonykurniawan

    Megatron Photo Album

    I think i got to post mine soon :blush:
  8. sonykurniawan

    Megatron Photo Album

    Yellow.. You should post more pics.. I just love how smooth megatron now
  9. sonykurniawan

    thats what you get for 2 years

    That will be worth the wait. Awesome paint job. You must be thrilled :D
  10. sonykurniawan

    My Buddy

    Hi Mini, its been a while since you last updated buddy. Any new pics of buddy? Please share to us
  11. sonykurniawan

    Confirmation (Mallow?)

    Re: RE: Confirmation (Mallow?) Tom, is it possible for you to ship the african hisbiscus seeds overseas?
  12. sonykurniawan

    Hibiscus for tortoise

    Tom, This african hisbiscus you are refering is hisbiscus calyphyllus? Thanks for the list.. Really appreciate it
  13. sonykurniawan

    Hibiscus for tortoise

    Tom, thanks for replying. I merely want to summarize the types of hibiscus safe for the torts. I just know a few types that i can recall which are safe for the torts. Maybe others can add more? Sorry for the confusion
  14. sonykurniawan

    Hibiscus for tortoise

    Thankyou for the reply.. Can other members with first hand experience chime in please
  15. sonykurniawan

    Hibiscus for tortoise

    I have searched archive threads but can't really find a thread discussing this. I know that hibiscus flower and leaves are good for tortoise, but are all hibiscus in the hibiscus family are safe? Some hibiscus species that are good for torts: hibiscus rosa-sinensis, hibiscus syriacus...
  16. sonykurniawan


    Hi Greg, a little out of topic, but do you really remember each and every aldabras that you have? I have read all of your thread and you seem to remember each of them well by names...
  17. sonykurniawan

    Is this health issue?

    Any update regarding that brownish color spot?
  18. sonykurniawan

    New Radiated Tortoise any advice

    I feed my rads mazuri for 3 times a week and timothy hay. Other than that my rads just graze freely
  19. sonykurniawan

    My Buddy

    How old do you think buddy is?
  20. sonykurniawan


    I have been feeding my torts 4yrs with mazuri with good result. I give them mazuri once in 2 days. Good luck trying