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  1. ruanda

    Nesting indian star,

    Great Image!!! Congrats for you and all the luck for the babies!
  2. ruanda

    Cistoclemys galbinifrons

    galbinifrons is the most beautiful of the world !!! (That's just my opinion!)
  3. ruanda

    why did this happen?

    Sorry for your loss... I also think you should try a feces test. Good luck!
  4. ruanda

    Indian Star Tortoise Diet?

    Chicorium intybus Convolvulus arvensis Vitis vinifera Trifolium ... Sonchus oleraceus Brassica rapa Hibiscus ... Opuntia ficus indica Chicorium endivia Taraxacum officinalis Nasturtium officinale Very, very rarely fruits (mango mostly).
  5. ruanda

    updated pics

    Is that parsley?:rolleyes: It does have too much oxalid acid...don't go over the right measure...:D
  6. ruanda

    How important are hides to Redfoots?

    And you could give her a second hide, she would apreciate...
  7. ruanda

    I had my first problem and im kinda freaked out.

    Excelent topic!!!;) Thank you all for sharing!;)
  8. ruanda

    Need a help sexing my Indian Stars

    That's what I think, too!:rolleyes: ............. They look very beautiful! Congrats!;)
  9. ruanda

    hatchling desert tortoise

    Just one word. AMAZING !!!
  10. ruanda

    need bedding advice!

    You have a problem there... How humid in Philipines? (Maybe you don't need to create it)
  11. ruanda

    New addition: Pyramiding and possible MBD? Pics & questions!

    Keep it in good care, he deserves!
  12. ruanda

    bubble on the nose

    Very well said! ;) That's the right key for not stressing shy tortoises! ;)
  13. ruanda

    Stars & Bread

    Ok, just my point of view. Don't even discuss bread for tortoises. Bread = NEVER.
  14. ruanda

    Help for my Star Tortoise

    Sorry for your loss... (How old was he?...)
  15. ruanda

    Jimmy's outdoor enclosure

    Very well done!! And she seems to love it!
  16. ruanda

    Best substrate?

    Top soil with sand (50/50) on 1/3 of the terrarium and HAY in 2/3, as for me, for my two sub-adult Stars!
  17. ruanda

    dry grass

    Very bad idea to soak the grass in water for a sulcata! Always dry grass!
  18. ruanda

    Radiata Studbook 2009

    Can I have it, please? [email protected] THANKS!
  19. ruanda

    Hey everyone...

    Welcome Sarah !!!;):) ("eastcold" is it OK for the name?!:D:P)
  20. ruanda

    New here, need quick response for UVB Lighting question

    You can put both, but not next to each other. Distance: 20/25 cms from the carapace. 5.0 is enough for horsfieldi. Good luck for your new baby!