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  1. Citron Elegans

    Pyxis arachnoides

    Has there ever been an update to this? Do Pyxis drink like Aldabras?
  2. Citron Elegans

    Hikari Mulberific Delite (Mulberry pellets)

    My tortoises (Sri Lankan Stars, Pancakes, and 1 pardalis pardalis) love this food. After feeding them it for 7 months now, they will even eat it dry. Only caution with this is that it molds extremely fast, so not a good food to leave for the day, only put in as much as they are going to eat in...
  3. Citron Elegans

    Adult Female Pyxis arachnoides brygooi

    Where can you even find hatchlings? Also my Cyclura nubila caymanensis’s name is Kingsley haha, for Gladwyn Kingsley Noble
  4. Citron Elegans

    Will someone please talk me into or out of buying an Indian star tortoise?

    I actually have my three sri lankan stars from Tortstork, I went to his house and picked them up as at the time I was a local. I love them all so much, but I must say that one (who is now the biggest) did have a respiratory illness that we had to battle through when he was younger. Also, the...
  5. Citron Elegans

    Does my tortoise need his nails clipped?

    I mean if you are super setting them and trying to decrease their lifespan and quality of life sure I guess a herman could be big enough that it absolutely needs a 4x8 that soon, or its the largest herman ever.
  6. Citron Elegans

    Does my tortoise need his nails clipped?

    I agree that lots of people don’t have adequate enclosures. That being said, a 2 year old herman does not need a 4x8 enclosure yet.
  7. Citron Elegans


    I've had the biodude's substrate last for over a year at a time. You either need a solid clean up crew or very dry conditions, both with the daily/few times a week cleaning of surface poop. You can even get biodude on amazon now, just not all the biggest bags which are the best bang for your buck.
  8. Citron Elegans

    Bug Identification Help

    Update: I have been letting my tortoises be outside most of each day and have just been cooking their indoor enclosure and putting barely any water in where they were. Meanwhile, they absolutely took over my shop vac I have underneath the enclosure (it is a rolling melamine enclosure I built)...
  9. Citron Elegans

    Bug Identification Help

    They only stay in one little area in the cage where there are grasses and they stay in the dirt for the most part. After not watering for a few days their numbers are very low. They also don't seem to go near the tortoises, which is what matters, but I am just wondering what they are eating...
  10. Citron Elegans

    Bug Identification Help

    Ok so I got a digital magnifying scope, it kind of sucks but I got some much better videos at least. They are on this link I think it is a mite, what are the best solutions, just bake them out? Thank...
  11. Citron Elegans

    Bug Identification Help The link includes videos, my apologies but this is the best quality I could muster. There aren't many of these bugs and they only are in the areas that are constantly moist and have plant life. I have not seen any on my...
  12. Citron Elegans

    Ruschia Nana Edible?

    Interesting, so do you think this could potentially be a great bioactive ground for part of an enclosure?
  13. Citron Elegans

    Ruschia Nana Edible?

    I am wondering since Ruschia Nana is a great grass alternative if tortoises, specifically Indian Stars, could eat it, and if so does it have any nutritional value? It’s not on and I couldn’t find any nutritional value information on it anywhere. It’s a succulent so if...